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Vitra Madrid Showroom

Dieter Thiel, arquitecto, y Carlos Manzano Arquitectos


The new showroom for a prestigious international design company requires refurbishing an Art Nouveau building designed in 1924 by the architect Mariano Aznárez and situated in the heart of Madrid. The premises occupy the two bottom levels of the building and are linked via a staircase of generous dimensions. The ground floor displays home furniture, while the lower level features office furniture. This floor also houses the cafeteria, different multimedia spaces and the boardroom. The only spaces of a private nature are the management offices and this boardroom, formed by cubes clad in natural oak laminate. Between each one of the offices are courtyards with plants and outdoor furniture; these spaces provide considerable natural light and create a warm and elegant ambience.

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Technical file
Localización: Calle Marqués de Villamejor, Madrid. Promotor: Feral Iberia. Arquitectos: Dieter Thiel y Carlos Manzano Arquitectos. Colaborador: Gregor Seeger, arquitecto. Proyectos de interiorismo e iluminación: Dieter Thiel. Cálculo de estructuras e instalaciones: Carlos Manzano, arquitecto. Dirección de obra: Carlos Manzano, arquitecto. Construcción: TCM. Fotografía: Amparo Garrido.
Carlos Manzano

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