Regencós. Girona

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Hotel la Cuina del Teatre

Sandra Tarruella e Isabel López, interioristas


It was proposed to refurbish a complex constituted by two rural buildings in which to develop one of the characteristic formulas of rural tourism. The original complex has little architectural interest but an extraordinary ethnographic and atmospheric value, a content on which the conservation of the refurbished fabric is based. The intervention is based on this principle of respect for the pre-existence, in a mechanics of use of shades such as beige, light browns and a few touches of terracotta, which all provide a notable value to the original atmosphere and gives considerable unitary value to the internal space of the refurbished constructions. The hotel complements the restaurant that occupies the old theatre of the town, published in the pages of On 270 magazine.

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Technical file
Localización: Regencós. Girona. Autoras: Sandra Tarruella e Isabel López. Promotor: Grupo Kanda. Fotografía: Eugeni Pons.
Sandra Tarruella
Isabel López Vilalta
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