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Extension of the Reina Sofía Museum

Ateliers Jean Nouvel


The extension consists of three new buildings, linked up and brought together under the spectacular awning that shelters them. The Library and the Documentation Centre enjoy the necessary physical autonomy that will favour study and research in suitable conditions. The two new Temporary Exhibition Rooms, directly connected with the primitive museum, shape a zone in which access and circulation are more fluid, easy and direct. The two Auditoriums open the museum to multidisciplinary activities, in keeping with the expectations of knowledge and artistic experience of contemporary society. The extension is situated within the district with a clear vocation to transform the urban surroundings. The creation of a public square, which arises from the development of the new buildings and the southwest façade of the current Museum, thus becomes a space with a clearly urban vocation.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: plaza del Emperador Carlos V. Madrid. Arquitectos: AJN - Ateliers Jean Nouvel, con Alberto Medem y b720 Arquitectura. S.L. UTE. Proyecto: Jean Nouvel, arquitecto, con Alberto Medem, arquitecto director del proyecto.Arquitectos colaboradores: Marcos Velasco, Agustín Miranda Rafael Cañizares, Camila Campo, Barbara Belloso, Higinio Esteban, Javier Piedra, Carlos Nogueira, Raul Pleite, Gian Luca Farrarini, Adelino Magalhaes, Anne Lamiable, Eloisa Siles, Fermina Garrido, Javier Chicharro y Javier Galiana. Arquitectos MNCARS: Dolores Muñoz y José de la Dehesa. Aparejadores: Rafael Guijarro, Mª Antonia García y Patricia Parrilla. Estructura: Esteyco. Instalaciones:JG y asociados.Ingeniero de acústica: Higini Arau. Construcción: U.T.E. DACARS. Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba y MNCARS.
Jean Nouvel
París, Francia
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