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Negro-Rojo restaurant

Sandra Tarruella e Isabel López


It was proposed to locate, in premises that cover two storeys, two restaurants that are not only totally different in their gastronomic offering but also in the colour treatment and in the organisational plan, creating two antagonistic approaches yet sharing sufficient features to ensure a measure of continuity between them, such as the wide perforation in the intermediate forging or the use of metallic mesh to clad two of the lateral walls. The ground floor is given over to international cuisine, to cold colours and to freestanding tables and chairs arranged in a perimeter crown, while the basement below offers oriental menus, with the diners sitting on benches organised either around the perimeter or set in a battery facing the kitchen. Warm colours such as the dominant salmon red have been used here.

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Technical file
Localización: avenida Diagonal. Barcelona. Autor/es interiorismo: Sandra Tarruella e Isabel López. Colaboradora: Reyes Gifra. Empresa constructora: Ligror. Fotografía: Alejo Bagué
Sandra Tarruella
Isabel López Vilalta
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