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Galata building. Sea and Navigation Museum

Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, arquitecto


One of the most evident testimonies in the accelerated transformation process occurring in the city of Genoa, in this case in the structures of its old port installations, is the refurbishment of the old Galata building to turn it into the Sea and Navigation Museum, which will show the most significant aspects of the historic relationship between city and sea through the port. The Galata is one of the most significant buildings in the old shipyards of Genoa’s port, characterised by its singular architectural configuration resulting from stacking the successive tunnel structures that berthed the vessels coming in for repairs, though never during its lengthy history did it shut out a particular external image. In the way it adapts to its new destiny as a museum, the incorporation of a set of glass boxes above the most significant facades of the building must be seen as a generator of a new external image, whose virtual nature preserves the characteristic contents of the original construction. These new facades, in turn, allow new spaces to be created in which to house functional or characteristic contents that the primitive building cannot address because of its dimensional, geometric or architectural peculiarities.

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Technical file
Promotor: Porto Antico s.p.a. Arquitecto: Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra (proyecto arquitectónico y dirección artística). Colaboradores concurso: J. Amaya, S. Solinas, P. Caro, F. Mazzarella, P. Lara, S. Lemmerzhal y S. Costa. Colaboradores proyecto: D. Olivieri, A. Veiga, C. Brinkmann, M. Picone, V. Patrono, M. Andreatta (maqueta), F. Barozzi, E. Laredo y P. Feltri Levantamiento: Gruppo m.e.d.i.t.e.r.r.a.n.e.o. Génova. Estructura: Nb35 / J. Jiménez Cañas, ingeniero (primer proyecto ejecutivo), Andrea Pepe, ingeniero (segundo proyecto de variante y dirección de obra) y Studio Montaldo e Associati (estructura metálica). Instalaciones: Insur-JG y Manens Intertecnica (proyecto básico) y Morandi (proyecto ejecutivo y dirección de obra). Proyecto expositivo: Ufficio di progetto Musei del Mare e della navigazione. Comune di Genova. Direccion de obra: P.Insogna.ser. Te. Co. S.r.l. Construcción: Galata s.c.a.r.l. (Carena s.p.a. y Cemedile s.r.l.). Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba.
Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra
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