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Les Preses. Girona

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Pedra Tosca park

RCR. Aranda, Pigem y Vilalta, arquitectos


In the area of the natural park is a sea of rocks, the product of the colada basáltica of a volcano and of the arduous work of people to win back a miserable portion of farmland, de-stoning and levelling the land and building the resulting product, slag and stones of different sizes, into wide walls, barrows and huts. Its morphological and tactile roughness retains perception. The intervention undertaken seeks to enhance the singular appearance of this landscape and to activate the surprise factor of its discovery. A narrow steel line leads the visitor through the space, with the steel, at certain points, holding in the barrows that lie in the way. The broken shape of the steel lines is opposed to the forceful rocky masses and establishes ‘new clearings’ in initial and intermediate actions. A strong result that, in its most absolute economy and restraint of materials and resources, allows this magical mineral world to be penetrated.

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Technical file
Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Les Preses. Girona. Arquitectos: RCR. Aranda, Pigem y Vilalta. Aparejadores: J.M. Terma y J. Bosch. Ingeniería: J. Ayats, ingeniero agrícola. Colaboradores: M. Tàpies, proyecto, y G. Puigvert, proyecto y dirección de obra. Construcción: Arico Forest, S.L. Fotografía: Hisao Suzuki.
Rafael Aranda

Carme Pigem

Ramon Vilalta

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