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Extension, refurbishment and remodelling of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

BOPBAA. Josep Bohigas, Francesc Pla e Iñaki Baquero, con Manuel Baquero, Robert Brufau y Àlex Sangenis


The intervention suggests a profoundly respectful though dialectic relationship with the construction that has in the past housed the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza art collection on an exclusive basis. The volumetric definition of the extended complex represented, even beforehand, the resolution of the problem of how to conserve the buildings acquired for the planned extension and the contradiction between their dimensional and typological parameters with the new uses it was going to be put to. Moreover, the route of the visit links up and completes the proposal for the palace of Villahermosa, while the new spaces destined for the display of the art fund interpret those of that historic building.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: Paseo del Prado 14. Madrid. Promotor. Fundación Thyssen-Bornemisza. Arquitectos; BOPBAA. Josep Bohigas Arnau, Francesc Pla Ferrer e Iñaki Baquero Riazuelo, arquitectos, con Manuel Baquero Briz, Robert Brufau Niubó y Àlex Sangenis Austera, arquitectos. Colaboradores: José Maria Baquero, Núria Bayó, Jorgelina Benedetic, Laia Gómez, Rodrigo Martín y Paulino Vicente. Equipo dibujo: Iñigo Azpiazu, Julia Bueno, Mireia Cabaní, Joan Cerdà, Juan Ricardo Chica, Ema Dünner, Pau Duran, Ana Matas, Núria Picas, Gianni Ruggiero, Isabel Reyes, Esther Segura, Uwe Wutherich, Iñigo Yoldi y Cristian Zanoni. Maquetas: Bibiana Broch, Ricardo Gilli, Carolina Ilhe, Raphael de Montard, Alberto Sánchez, Oscar Soler, Omar Véjar y Anna Vergés. Aparejadores: Juan Climent y Manuel Carracedo. Miguel Ángel Ramos y Rosa Moreno, colaboradores. Ingeniería: Rafael Úrculo Ingenieros. Biólogo: Josep Selga. Gerencia de Proyecto: Norcontrol. Control de Calidad: Intemac. Construcción: Ferrovial-Agromán. Fotografía: Eva Serrats
Josep Bohigas
Francesc Pla
Iñaki Baquero

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