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Three courtyards, five rooms

Mónica Rivera y Emiliano López, arquitectos


The refurbishment to turn into a dwelling the inside of a particularly inhospitable container given its lack of relations with the exterior must face the decisive argument of a project mechanism that will allow natural light to penetrate into the new dwelling. To this end three courtyards are created, to the point that one might say that it is these voids that permit the articulation of the new architecture: in their different geometric and dimensional configurations and in their relative layout these voids provide abundant and generous lighting for the interior spaces, but they participate decisively in their ambient quantification in their double condition of wells of light and outdoor spaces that in certain conditions can join up seamlessly with the interior.

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Emplazamiento: Barcelona. Arquitectos: Mónica Rivera y Emiliano López. Colaborador: Juan García. Fotografía: José Hevia.
Mónica Rivera
Emiliano López
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