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Uplifting the city by incorporating elements, proportions, materials and a few construction solutions that recur in Barcelona’s traditional domestic architecture constitutes the script for this interesting project.

A gallery, the stately element found in the build- ings of Barcelona’s Ensanche district, characterises each one of the flats in this one. With a free height of 3.4m, the aim was to make the most of the 40m2 of usable living space in each flat. A room – a home, seeking flexibility to accommodate the various vicissitudes that it may encounter in the course of its life. A 10-m2 fixed lightweight construction element contains the kitchen, bathroom and entrance services; a unit that groups together all the storage, leisure and work needs separates and plays with the surrounding spaces of the living-dining room, bedroom and gallery.
The materials were chosen so as to ensure high durability insofar as possible. They were limited to five elements that explain almost everything: reinforced concrete, ceramics, wood, installations and textures.
The enclosures are a lightened ceramic block panel 24cm thick on the outside and a double panel of the same 10-cm
block on the inside. The ceramic is clad in a thermal façade insulation system that on the inside looks like whitewash, displaying the material’s seams and its inherent expression. Wood is used for building the “furniture” of the flats and the cladding of the staircase landings. Latticed pinewood structures are finished in high-density boards. All the unions are reversible to give access to the inside of partitions and plasterboards.
The installations are viewed as another of the building’s materials. They are all present yet integrated and accessible while lending themselves to be manipulated in an attempt to make the building’s useful life more flexible and long-lived. The rough textures of the façade seek to accommodate dirt and drips in certain places so that over the years the presence of the building improves and it ages with dignit.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Raimon Farré Moretó. Equipo de diseño Designer Team: Marta Besora, Anna Comas, Octavio Puente, Sergio Carrás. Dirección de ejecución Execution management: Enric Farré, Marc Palacios, arquitectos técnicos. Estructuras Structures: Enric Farré, Raimon Farré. Instalaciones Facilities: Tescor, ingeniería. Constructora General Contractor: Baldo BSO. Asesores externos External advisors: Guillem Bosch, Jaume Mayol, Irene Pérez, Núria Rello. Superficie Area: 672m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Comple- tion date of the works: 2016. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia, Raimon Farré Moretó.
Raimon Farré Moretó

José Hevia
Raimon Farré Moretó