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Employment training centre


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The colour white takes centre stage in this volumetric formalisation, through which the creators of this project articulate a strategy geared towards landscape integration into the neighbouring citadel.

The building aims to resolve the urban void of this plot on the western side of the Baza citadel, a historic location of the city and a vantage point over it and its landscape, which is in advanced stages of decay and awaiting approval for a Special Protection Plan that will return this urban space to the city. It is vitally important due to its connections as well as its privileged location.
The new construction seeks a public continuity between the upper section of the citadel and the Cava Alta Plaza through the addition of a lateral staircase to the proposed building, connecting the two levels and creating new urban connections through a pronounced urban topography.
The main entrance of the three-storey building is on Cava Alta Plaza, although there is another entrance on the top floor, on the other side of the plot, with tangential views over the upper plane of the citadel.
The proposed building, with a longitudinal floor plan, aims to focus foot traffic along the excavated areas, and thus the staircases and lift attached to the retaining wall signal this longitudinal
opening that is clearly marked by the position of the skylights on its roof, allowing light into the public space of all three storeys as well as the transit areas. The façade, which is one storey high above the citadel, features an overhang that protects its glazed interior as well as the bottom end of the public staircase. This loggia has been designed taking into account future continuity with the rest of the interventions yet to be carried out on adjacent buildings. Over Trasgrisolías Street, two large terraced openings allow natural light into the several offices required by the functional programme.
The build’s materials focus on the use of the use of deactivated exposed concrete with dashes of colorant, on interior walls (where the old citadel ramparts were thought to have been) as well as the exterior foundations. The essence of the project is completed by anodised aluminium joinery in the same colour, and a mixed concrete and steel structure.
The programme, intended for municipal offices in the Social Welfare and Employment Training sectors, is primarily comprised of various offices in addition to a Function Room, a Gym, Training Kitchens and toilets with changing rooms.

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Localización Location: Alcazaba de Baza, Baza, Granada. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: José Luis Daroca Bruño, Stanislao Fierro. Arquitectos Técnicos Quantity surveyors: Jesús Serrano, Roberto Alés Méndez. Instalaciones Facilities: Manuel Ponce Fernández, ingeniero industrial. Cálculo Estructuras Structure calculation: Pedro Lobato Vida, arquitecto. Promotor Developer: Ayuntamiento de Baza. Constructora General Contractor: U.T.E Construcciones Nila, S.A. y Construcciones Videca, S.L.U. Superficie construida Built area: 1.564m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2016. Fotografía Photography: Fernando Alda.
Jose Luis Daroca


Fernando Alda Calvo