São Paulo. Brazil

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Torre Forma Itaim Aparthotel

b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

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A subtle use of colour as the touchstone in the typological design of this tower gives it significance while respecting its urban setting.

The aparthotel tower is situated in São Paulo’s Itaim Bibi, a district undergoing a profound transformation from the traditional fabric of horizontally-extending family homes to a skyline of towers, mainly apartments to meet the growing housing demand of a prosperous middle class in the country’s economic capital.

The building has 123 units and is comprised of a 25-storey tower on a plinth containing communal areas (squash court, indoor pool, restaurant, social room, etc.) and above-ground car parking. The tower, which is hugely conditioned by the volumetric limitations imposed by the byelaws and by the strict demands for functional optimisation, contains small homes with sweeping individual terraces. The project seeks to maximise the tower’s slenderness and to stand out without undue disharmony in the monotonous sea of São Paulo’s undifferentiated skyscrapers as a “singular, good-mannered piece”.

The floors are articulated by two parallel centrelines and a central communications nucleus that includes two batteries of panoramic lifts. The main openings of the apartments give on to the north and south, with deep balconies to prevent excessive sunlight, while the east and west facades, which are the most highly exposed to São Paulo’s climate, are given a predominance of opaque surface protected by a ventilated façade of large-format enamelled ceramic tiles. In the laterals of the balconies, the ceramic cladding turns into lattices to preserve the privacy of the apartments and frame the vistas from inside them. The play and combination of colours of the cladding tiles seeks to individualise each level by colour in a quest for a unique look that provides the differential qualitative value sought by the client, who expressly wanted a colourful tower.

The building thus becomes a slim tower in which the different housing units are nonetheless easily recognisable by the colour and the grid that provides the pattern for the construction. In the upper floors, the extension of the central nucleus and some units of larger size crown the building in a staggered manner to blend into the urban profile and generate large terraces for enjoying the unsurpassable views over the city.

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Localización Location: São Paulo. Brazil. Arquitectos Architects: b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos. Equipo b720 Fermin Vazquez Arquitectos Team of b720 Fermin Vazquez Arquitectos: Fermín Vázquez, Francesc de Fuentes, Sonia Cruz, Aline Foltran, Marc Pi, Albert Freixes, Gemma Ojea, David Sebastián, Miguel Yurrita. Estructuras Structures: Aluízio D’Ávila Engenharia de Projetos. Instalaciones Facilities: Green Solutions / Steluti Engenharia / Studio Serradura. Promotor Developer: Huma Desenvolvimento Imobiliário / GR Properties / ERC. Constructora General Contractor: Corporate Participações e Serviços Ltda. Superficie construida Built area: 11.533m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Nelson Kon.
Fermín Vázquez
b720 Arquitectos