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Exhibition on ‘Lluís Clotet. Winner of the National Architecture Award 2010’


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This magnificent exhibition, mounted as a homage to the recent winner of the National Architecture Award, Lluís Clotet, deploys in a setting of imaginative sensitivity what we could describe as a scenario of what Architecture with a capital A represented in our professional lives for a time.
Announcing the exhibition, two arches of the façade of the “La Arquería” Exhibition Hall in Madrid frame a photograph of the house on the island of Pan- telleria taken in 1972. Completing the notice are some luminous cabaret eyelashes installed in another arch that recreate a sketch for the project of another early work by Lluís Clotet and Oscar Tusquets: the 1971 Aerojet Express travel agency. The exhibition route is envel- oped in a curtain that follows a geometric outline extraneous to the shape of the room in order to establish its independence from it.
A container-chicken coop-boat with two prows, situated in the centre of the new red-curtained enclosure, contains, storeroom-like, objects and furniture designed by Clotet for the industry; several of them produced in collaboration with Tusquets. Many of the designs they needed they produced themselves, since the market did not offer them. Furniture and objects that could be placed or left anywhere and already anticipated their ageing in the design.
The chicken coop is an image associated with Clotet’s memories of his childhood summers spent in the village of Olost de Lluçanès, where his mother was born. The company of the landscape, of the unitary school, of his cousins, of gadgets invented for playing or toys reinterpreted or invented by Lluís was a highly sig- nificant experience in his time of discovery and awakening to life. Another recent memory associated to a chicken coop was the meticulous contemplation over several hours of a painting by Joan Miró, La Masía (The Country House), where the artist paints and reinterprets the rural world of his youth.
In three small rooms at the end of the route, framed by purple curtains, are screen- ings of the dwellings, interior decoration and design works and other buildings by Clotet and collaborators. The two long, intense, solid and fruitful stages of collaboration with Oscar Tusquets first and with Ignacio Paricio more recently are present in these screenings.

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Localización Location: Madrid. Spain. Comisario Curator: Martínez Lapeña – Torres Arquitectos | José Antonio Martínez Lapeña y Elías Torres. Diseño y dirección de montaje de la exposición Design and Direction of exhibition montage: Martínez Lapeña – Torres Arquitectos | José Antonio Martínez Lapeña y Elías Torres, Marcos Corrales Lantero. Colaboradores estudio Study collaborators: Equipo Martínez Lapeña – Torres: Adrià Orriols, Carla Coromina, David Costa, Ryo Doitani, Galo Pujana y Jennifer Vera. Organización Organisation: Ministerio de Fomento | Íñigo Gómez de la Serna. Ministro de Fomento, Julio Gómez-Pomar Rodríguez. Secretario de Estado de Infraestructuras, Transporte y Vivienda, Antonio Aguilar Mediavilla. Director General de Arquitectura, Vivienda y Suelo. Ministerio de Fomento, Francisco Javier Martín Ramiro. Subdirector General de Arquitectura y Edificación. Ministerio de Fomento. Coordinación Coordination: Area de Difusión de la Arquitectura. Ministerio de Fomento. Producción y montaje Production and assembly: Intervento. Agradecimientos Thanks: b.d Barcelona, b.d Madrid, Cooperativa d’arquitectes Jordi Capell, DAE, Huguet Mallorca, Lluís Clotet, Miquel Mariné, Mosaics Martí. Superficies Areas: 235m2. Redacción proyecto Project Draft: 2016-2017. Fecha inicio y final de ejecución Execution start and end date: 2018. Periodo exposición Exhibi- tion Period: Arquería Nuevos Ministerios. Sala Alejandro de la Sota, 19 de abril - 7 de julio de 2018. Fotografía Photography: Fernando Alda, Martínez Lapeña – Torres Arquitectos.
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Baldosas hidráulicas Abecedario: Huguet

Carpintería y mobiliario: Flisx

Chimenea Clotus y Colgador Gernaine: Dae

Tela Oscurante: Peroni
José Antonio Martínez Lapeña
Elías Torres Tur
Fernando Alda Calvo
Martínez Lapeña