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Valencia. Spain

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Ricard Camarena Restaurant

Francesc Rifé Studio

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The design of this restaurant is in harmony with the gastronomic proposal of the chef Ricard Camarena: pure cooking that, while visually appearing to be very simple, ultimately transmits and conceals a few surprises.
This restaurant project is situated in Valencia, as part of an old industrial setting, in the old Bombas Gens factory that was rediscovered and converted into an art centre by the Fundación Per Amor a L’Art, the driving force behind the project.
The entrance to the restaurant, as a transition space, contains a composition comprised of ten pictures that transforms what could be a narrow passage into the restaurant into a starring space that accompanies visitors on their gastronomic journey, moving forward between the tables to reach a terrace that floods the space in daylight. During the day a longitudinal opening, created to separate the restaurant from the adjacent building, allows light to flood in through both the front and the top.
The lattice in different formats comprises vertical and horizontal elements situated in the background. The arrangement of these elements varies according to where the spotlight seeks to be placed, either the open kitchen or the actual exposed brick, while also acting as a sound absorber and, depending on the point of view, creating an optical illusion of characteristics inherent to opacity. The ceiling, in walnut wood, is accessible and includes lighting created specifically for the project. This optical lighting is concealed in the ceiling, illuminating the tables with different luminous diameters according to need.
One of this project’s challenges was the location of the kitchen which, owing to its large dimensions, needed a strategic placement. In view of this, the kitchen was finally situated in a stepped volume that also holds the wine cellar.
The toilets, the partitioning elements between tables, the front of the bar counter and part of its lining have all been designed with Pietra Grey natural stone by the firm Stonehegen.

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Localización Location: Valencia. Spain. Autor Author: Francesc Rifé (Fransesc Rifé Studio). Impulsor del proyecto Driving force behind the project: Fundación Per Amor a L’Art. Constructora General Contractor: Grupo Inserman. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: junio 2017. Superficie construida Built area: 640m2 primera planta + 140m2 sótano. Fotografía Photography: David Zarzoso.
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Iluminación especial a medida : Trasluz by Domenec Jubany
Francesc Rifé
David Zarzoso