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Barcelona. Spain

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Enigma Restaurant

RCR Arquitectos / Pau Llimona

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The final result of this interesting project is a spectacular restaurant in sensory terms based on the treatment of the materials, textures, colours, light, sound and, of course, its gastronomic proposal. A space created for enjoying a total experience.
The story of the project began with the chef Albert Adrià’s vision for creating a new way of enjoying the dining experience in a restaurant that would at the same time reflect his experimental cuisine.
RCR Arquitectes and Pau llimona sign the design of Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona. The work was thought out in comprehensive terms, from the interior space to the lighting, the furniture, the music and the uniforms. In the words of Rafael Aranda of RCR Arquitectes: “An evanescent, profound and timeless space has been created so that people disconnect from the world that surrounds them and allow themselves to be taken to Albert’s creative world”.
The choice of the different elements and their formalisation leads us to immerse ourselves in a gastronomic and sensory dream, bringing us little by little into a new experiential, unknown and magical space: on the ceilings we find a cloud as a concept, an abstract and ethereal landscape created from a stainless steel mesh; the overall flooring produced especially for the project in greenish and bluish hues gives off an aqueous image exactly like that of the original drawing (a watercolour drawn on A2 sheets); the cladding on walls, bathrooms and kitchens in six different models issuing from patterns of vertical lines to generate movement; the glass partitions with their shadows and transparencies, executed in glass blades on sand moulds… all of this creates a series of organic movements in a labyrinthine route that generates the desired atmosphere.
Through these mechanisms, each space in the restaurant and the experience enjoyed in it are conceived as an enigma, since there are different ways of interacting according to the diner’s position (standing or seated), what they drink or eat, how they traverse the space… The final result is a spectacular restaurant in terms of design, quality of the material and gastronomy that will leave no-one untouched.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: RCR Arquitectos (Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramón Vilalta) y Pau Llimona. Dirección de obra Site management: RCR arquitectes / Nos-Altres Arquitectures, SGA Arquitectos (colaboradores). Colaboradores Collaborators: V.Vázquez y C.Roure (proyecto), N.Sintes (maquetas), V.Vázquez (visualización), SGA Arquitectos (legalización), Artec3 (Iluminación), PGI Ingeniería (instalaciones). Cliente Client: Albert Adrià Projectes S.L. Ejecución Completion: 2017. Superficie construida Built area: 700m2. Fotografía Photography: Pep Sau.
RCR Arquitectes
Olot, Girona
Pau Llimona
Pep Sau