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Bellavista del Jardín del Norte Restaurant

El equipo creativo

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This project succeeds in skilfully introducing aspects of the folklore culture inherent to rural localities into a clearly contemporaneous intervention.
The entrance to the Bellavista del Jardín del Norte receives visitors with thousands of flowers hanging from the ceiling that recall the floral arrangements of the local festivals.
The developer sought to create a restaurant in which the design would reference the day to day and the festive spirit of the small towns of our memory as the project’s leitmotif. The name of Bellavista alludes to the extensive garden located at the end of the restaurant, a surprising oasis in Barcelona’s Eixample district, the vision of which denominates the restaurant as if it were the name of a village.
Different hut-shaped elements guide the visitor through the space, to reach a vast garden situated at the end of the route. These elements are an abstraction of the festive components of the villages: a street bedecked in a bunting of flowers and lights accompanying you to the village square. Here then, with the garden as the backdrop, we reach the square, the culmination of the route, an open space under a sky of fireworks.
Despite the dimensions of the space (1000m2), the premise that guided the project was to create a functional as well as intimate space; this is why the establishment is divided into two floors, both of them facing the public road and the garden. The ground floor has a variable width that, after a spatially generous entrance, is tightened in the intermediate part like a prelude to the generous space that opens on to the garden. This spatial experience in the itinerary is integrated into the project’s concept, unifying the entrance and the intermediate zone in a kind of boulevard that extends to the final room of the square.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Diseño interior Interior Design: El Equipo Creativo / Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo y Lucas Echeveste Lacy, arquitectos. Colaboradores Collaborators: Narcís Font, Anna Martínez Salom, Blanca Lora-Tamayo, Mauricio García, Néstor Veloso y Critòfol Tauler. Proyecto de iluminación Lighting project: BMLD Architectural Lighting Design. Diseño gráfico Graphic design: Chicken Box (diseño gráfico) / David M. Buisán (dibujo pared). Equipamiento cocinas Kitchen equipment: 4Retail. Jardinería Gardening: Bossvi. Cliente Client: Hermanos Iglesias y Leo Messi. Constructora General Contractor: 4Retail. Apertura Opening: julio 2016. Superficie actuación Intervention area: 1.000m2. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
Suppliers list
Atrezzo floral fachada e interior techos: Bossvi

Bancos mesas y muebles de servicio: Fustería i decoració Ollé

Mobiliario Contract: Sillería Vergés

Papel pintado mural: Papeles Pintados Aribau

Sillas Bob con estructura en madera: Ondarreta
El Equipo Creativo
Adrià Goula