Bonaire, Valencia. Spainn

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Bonaire Street Market

MESURA. Partners in Architecture & uVeDeuVe Comunicación

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This intervention within a space intended for a car park skilfully addresses the problems inherent to a provisional installation with considerable environmental sensitivity.
On the outskirts of Valencia, in one of the country’s largest shopping centres crisscrossed day after day by thousands and thousands of people, nine Valencian restaurants have committed to a new restaurant concept and have installed their kitchens in the new Bonaire Street Market.
This is a temporary space situated in the middle of an open-air car park. It has all been done on a very tight budget. Grouping together a set of recycled and adapted sea containers has generated a spot that is completely isolated from the immediate surroundings. The place in itself was not convenient for an eating venue, and so the project required a strategy that would create an “oasis” space closed off by a system of reused walls (containers and pallets).
The main goal was the creation of a Mediterranean ambience by generating shaded spaces with platforms, trees and pergolas. The lighting and illustrations created by a local artist give a dynamic image to the different spaces.

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Localización Location: Bonaire, Valencia. Spain. Autores Authors: MESURA Partners in Architecture & UVEDEUVE Comunicación, arquitectos. Cliente Client: Unibail. Fecha del proyecto Project Date: 2016. Fecha construcción Construction Date: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Salva López.
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Sillas y mesas plegables con etiqueta ecológica europea ecolabel: Garcia Hermanos administració

uVeDeVe Comunicación
, Valencia
Salva López