Bozbük-Milas-Mugla, Bodrum. Turkey

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Kaplankaya Six Senses Hotel

Borja Ferrater Arquer, Carlos Ferrater Lambarri (OAB) y Juan Trias de Bes (TDB)

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This interesting building intended for a hotel in Turkey uses the argument of its transversal section as the characteristic element of its spatial and functional configuration.
The hotel building faces the sea near the city of Bodrum, the old Halicarnassus, in an enclave denominated Kaplankaya. This area is currently undergoing an urbanisation process in which the aim is to situate the hotel without introducing substantial modifications in its geographical reality.
The hotel is accommodated into the topography, building portions of landscape that in turn become vantage points from which the building connects with the sea, the sky and the vegetation in a pleasant atmosphere of privacy.
All the rooms thus have views of the sea, while the interstices of the arms hold the entire ancillary programme for a hotel of these characteristics: spa, meeting areas, etc.
The building, which is accessed from the top part, is organised around a foyer comprised of a cascade of spaces in which the various room corridors on the different levels lead to a lower area holding the restaurants and relaxation zones, the garden and the beach.
The hotel has been designed as if following a new hotel typology: a structure that from its centre of gravity articulates and organises the functional programme constituted by open and closed spaces in the shape of tree branches that adapt to the topography, creating spaces that promote privacy, light and quality of views, atmosphere and landscape. We could say that Kaplankaya Canyon Ranch recreates the images of an opulent resort, the underlying idea of the spa and the romantic spirit of the great hotels that have been connected to the landscape throughout history.

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Localización Location: Bozbük-Milas-Mugla, Bodrum. Turkey. Arquitectos Architects: Borja Ferrater Arquer, Carlos Ferrater Lambarri (OAB Office of architecture in Barcelona) y Juan Trias de Bes (TDB Arquitectura). Aparejador Quantity surveyor: Dizayn Grup. Colaboradores Collaborators: Alberto Peñín Llobell (Peñin Arquitectos) y Fernando Herrero, arquitectos. Colaboradores en paisajismo Collaborators in Landscaping: EA (Exterior Architecture). Sam Martin. Colaboradores en diseño interior Collaborators in Interior Design: GCA. Josep Joanpere, Carla Navas. Estructura Structure: Pondio ingenieros / Zafer Kinaci. Ingeniero Engineer: Dizayn Grup / Mehmet Okutan. Promotor Developer: Capital Partners. Constructora General Contractor: IDA Group. Ejecución Completion: 2012-2016. Fotografía Photography: Joan Guillamat.
Carlos Ferrater Lambarri
Juan Trias de Bes
Borja Ferrater Arquer
, Barcelona
Joan Guillamat Castells