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A Form of Form

Johnston Marklee, Nuno Brandão Costa, Kersten Geers y David Van Severen

FAD Awards finalist 2017  Ephemeral interventions
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The Jury’s appraisal: A proposal as a reflection on «form» in architecture and one of the central exhibitions at the 4th staging of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, this intervention operated as a collage of spaces. This «conversation », although without a conventional or durable programme, permitted creating a beautiful tribute to architecture, to its visual effects, to the formal ways that are repeated, to the spatialities it echoes. The interconnection of the twelve spaces as a form of encounter and dialogue also represented an accolade for difference and cohabitation. As a whole, this was a show whose intelligence and sensitivity were patently obvious, the distinctive stamp of Diogo Seixa Lopes, the curator of the exhibition.
“The Form of Form” materialises the nuclear exhibition of the 4th staging of the Lisbon Architecture Triennial. The curator of the exhibition, Diogo Seixas Lopes, challenged three architecture practices to jointly design and build a reflection on form and authorship in architecture.
In the course of a year’s joint work and reflection, the exhibition project evolved to the point of taking shape in an ephemeral construction built from the reproduction on a real scale of twelve spaces referring to projects and constructions by each one of the practices. The choice of the spaces was made in such a way that each one of the practices selected two spaces corresponding to each one of the remaining practices. This election process constitutes the essence of the joint proposal strategy and as such is expressed in its form of constructional expression.
Assembling the spaces in their multiple formal, dimensional and typological relations, together with the urban articulations established with the surrounding buildings, the landscape and the neighbouring river, generate a surprising spatiality and morphology whose experience transcends the matter of each form.
The ultimate goal, a vast pavilion of around 1000m2, conceived in constructional terms for a limited structural resilience, evokes the timelessness of architectural shapes: the dialectic between fragmentation and spatial continuity, the demonstration of the conceptual and constructional process, the precision of the scale and the dimensional ambiguity, the historical reference, the authorial idiosyncrasy and the anonymity of form.

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Localización Location: Lisboa. Portugal. Proyecto Expositivo Exhibition Project: Brandão Costa Arquitectos, Johnston Marklee, OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen. Curaduría Curatorship: Diogo Seixas Lopes. Contenidos Contents: Microcities / SOCKS-Studio. Construcción de Maquetas Maquette Construction: Arthur Dietrich, J.C. Sampaio Construções. Construcción de Muebles Furniture Construction: J.C. Sampaio Construções. Impresiones Prints: Finepaper Print Solutions. Montaje de Contenidos Content montage: Bruno Cecíio y Heitor Fonseca. Asistentes de Montaje Montage Assistants: Eunice Lima, Joana Sousa, José Pereira y Romeu Zagalo Construcción Construction: Alves Ribeiro, S.A., Avelino Portela Ribeiro – Implementação de Projectos, Grupo Casais, Lúcios – Engenharia e Construção, Seveme. Proyecto de Electricidad Electricity Project: GPIC – Gabinete de Projectos, Consultoria e Instalações. Consultoría de Estructuras Structures Consultancy: TAL Projecto – Projectos, Estudos e Serviços de Engenharia. Iluminación Lighting: Osvaldo Matos. Producción Production: André Gonçalves. Asistentes de Exposición Exhibition Assistants: Cláudia Rosete, Eunice Lima, José Pereira, Margarida Borges, Paula Silva, Rita Penalva y Romeu Zagalo. Patrocinador Oficial Official Sponsor: Saint-Gobain Placo. Asociado Associate: Avelino Portela Ribeiro – Implementação de Projectos. Patrocinadores Sponsors: Alves Ribeiro, S.A., CIN, Osvaldo Matos, RAN Capital, Vogue Homes. Marcas Asociadas Associated Brands: Grupo Casais, Hager, Lúcios – Engenharia e Construção, Seveme. Apoios Support: GPIC – Gabinete de Projectos, Consultoria e Instalações, OBO Bettermann, TAL Projecto – Projectos, Estudos e Serviços de Engenharia. Seguros Insurance: Secose – Correctores de Seguros. Fotografía Photography: André Cepeda.