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Vic, Barcelona

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Psychopedagogical Medical Centre of Osona

Jordi Comas Mora y Anna Pont Armengol / Comas-Pont Arquitectes

FAD Awards finalist 2017  Architecture
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The Jury’sappraisal: A clear strategy is recognised in the use of the construction technique and the identification of the energy management in relation to the use of this building, which is thermodynamically self-regulating. It is also an excellent project where the structure-partitioning-materiality relationship is resolved, integrated and systematised in a modular manner, thus signifying both the spaces and their uses. The vaulted roof maximises the interior volume while minimising the impact of the façades with a metallic structure that crowns a lightweight, ventilated ceiling, resolving the discourse of its materiality in a natural and direct way that is free of display and excess.
Care services for people with mental illnesses are unified in this building, which is generated by the repetition of a spatial unit six metres in width and with a variable length. An economical and energy-efficient construction system, where the domestic scale and warmth of the interior spaces combined with the close link between building and nature contribute to it being a healthy space.
The project combines services for addiction and mental health under one roof, integrating various user typologies with the objective of creating a new and more flexible functional programme, and allowing for the cost of construction and subsequent maintenance to be reduced, especially in terms of energy consumption.
The building is located on a plot in the outskirts of the city of Vic, connected to the city’s primary medical centre, and its programme is centred primarily around the ground floor in order to facilitate its users’ mobility.
A central entrance area is connected to the rest of the wings and their specific programmes, adapted to the terrain topography and separated from one another by orchards and gardens. The interstitial spaces between the entrance hall and these perimeter wings are occupied by connection ramps. The building’s exterior austerity, due to the use of a single material for the roof and façades, is at odds with the presence of greenhouses on the southern façades, which act as passive bioclimatic systems, and the use of wood as a primary element in the interiors.
A lightweight, ventilated and continuous roof sits atop a vaulted metallic structure that is 6m wide and is odulated every 2.5m. Its various layers allow it to be opened and ventilated in the summer and closed in the winter, with the aim of preserving heat and reflecting it inwards through a series of automated mechanisms. The same system is used in the southern-facing façades, where a linear porch acts as a thermal buffer using the greenhouse effect: the space contains an orchard cultivated by the members of the centre as part of their workplace integration therapy.

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Localización Location: Vic, Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Jordi Comas Mora y Anna Pont Armengol, arquitectos / Comas-Pont Arquitectes S.L.P. Colaboradores Collaborators: Anna Prat y Maria Camps, arquitectos. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Vinclament slp – Xavier Badia. Estructura Structure: Manuel Arguijo i associats. Ingeniería y consultoría ambiental Environmental engineering and consultancy: La Vola 1981 S.A. Acústica Acoustics: SIS consultoría acústica. Promotor Developer: Fundació Centre Mèdic Psicopedagògic d’Osona. Empresa constructora General Contractor: Construccions Ferrer S.L. Redacción proyecto Project Draft: 2015. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2016. Superficie construida Built area: 1.657m2. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
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Climatización y ventilaciones: Arumi Calefaccions
Adrià Goula