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Camprodon, Girona. Spain

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Cottage, family house in Camprodon

Marc Mogas Bartomeu y Jordi Roig Navarro

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The financial constraints of this project and the necessary modulation for road transport did not prevent the authors from carrying out an interesting adaptation of the building to the landscape, in the context of a natural environment of great beauty.
This summer residence is situated in a small residential area in the Pyrenees, marked not only by the conditioning factors common to this kind of project, the geometry of the site, the orientation, etc. but also by two maxims imposed by the owners: the material, the house had to be made of wood, and the budget, which had to be limited.
Under these premises, the project has been created like a mountain shelter, a building with few square meters, a low level of technicality and built with a small palette of materials.
The site had a trapezoidal shape, long and narrow, and characterized by a 20% gradient, with a total incline of 14m, and also by the dense foliage of the vegetation, dominated by a sequoia in the lower part of the site and four fir trees in the higher part.
To transmit the intended feeling of “a cabin in the woods”, the volume was positioned so as to cut down the minimum number of smaller trees so as to create the feeling that the building is playing with the vegetation, giving it the slip.
Because the house will be used for short stays, it was decided to give the living room more generous dimensions, in detriment of the bedrooms. The small dimensions of the house made it necessary to think about making the most of supposedly disposable spaces such as the false ceilings, which have been set up as storage spaces, and the area under the roof, as a reading corner.
Aiming to control the cost of the building works, three decisions were made: minimising the excavation, compensating for the extraction of earth by putting it back, prefabricating the house and minimising the auxiliary measures for the in situ construction. The project was devised to be transported by road in modules delimited by maximum transport measurements, which meant an important restriction in the project design.
In construction terms, the house is supported by walls of light pine framework, with separated risers to optimize the boards, filled in with a double layer of mineral wool insulation and clad on the outside with a ventilated wooden façade.

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Localización Location: Camprodon, Girona. Spain. Autores Authors: Marc Mogas Bartomeu y Jordi Roig Navarro, arquitectos. Aparejador Quantity surveyor: Vicenç Galiana. Estructuras Structures: Estudi Cuyas. Ejecución Completion: 2015. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
Marc Mogas Bartomeu

Jordi Roig Navarro

José Hevia