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Calders, Barcelona. Spain

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Calders House

Joan Ramon Pascuets y Mònica Mosset

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This project for a single-family house deftly resolves a strategy aimed at achieving an intense relationship with the exterior space, combined with a desire to erect a building where the structure itself becomes the shape of the house.
The house, located in Calders, a small town in the middle of Catalonia, is a new dwelling for a couple with two children. The plot exhibited a pronounced slope, and while most of the neighbourhood’s houses place the garage on the ground floor, level with the garden, and the sitting room on the upper floors, this project’s strategy was the opposite: the garage and study are on the floor above street level, with the communal sitting room and the bedrooms on the ground floor relating directly to the garden.
The garage entrance is used as a garden, a porch, an intermediate flexible space, while the double-height sitting-dining room is open towards the garden. A steel staircase painted white descends to the lower floor.
The house aims to be a ‘window to the horizon’, designed to exalt the landscape. In order to highlight the natural surroundings, a structure of horizontal concrete slabs with steel pillars was designed, with the goal of freeing up space towards the views and creating a building without walls. The structure becomes the shape of the house.
A series of sliding glass doors transforms the interior space into a porch, while the absence of walls blocking natural light results in a luminous atmosphere with good natural ventilation.
In the words of the project’s creators: “we wanted to create a continuity between the natural surroundings and the house; we wanted to draw in the exterior and turn it into part of the interior, where interior and exterior combine and coexist. We liked the idea of designing a house with the feel of a ‘Volkswagen California’, as a symbol of independence and freedom, combining comfort, performance and a lifestyle immersed in nature.

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Localización Location: Calders, Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Joan Ramon Pascuets + Mònica Mosset, arquitectos / narch. Arquitecto técnico Quantity surveyor: Joan Francesc Ballestero. Promotor Developer: Marc y Silvia. Constructora General Contractor: auto-promotor. Redacción proyecto Project Draft: 2008. Fecha inicio y finalización de la obra Start and completion date of the works: octubre 2014-abril 2015. Superficie construida Built area: 240m2. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
Suppliers list
Carpintería de aluminio: Technal

Estructura: Estructures Castilla

Redes de seguridad para el hogar: Grup El Remitger SL
Joan Ramon Pascuets

Mònica Mosset

Adrià Goula