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Villard-de-Lans, Roine-Alps. France

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Talbot-Wallis House

Jordi Garcés, Daria de Seta y Anna Bonet

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The use of language native to the location, in the context of contemporary architectural thinking, characterises the project for this single-family dwelling in a positive light.
The ensemble of houses in Les Lombards in Villard-de-Lans inspired this project where the idea of aggregation is fundamental: the building unfolds over the terrain in a play of volumes like another fragment of the small neighbouring village. The plot, descending from east to west across the Vercors Valley, informed the formalisation of a linear house, elongated along the bottom of the plot, creating a tranquil and luminous southeast-facing space.
A prism with a rectangular base, oblong and with a constant section, is articulated across three segments that are all oriented slightly differently thanks to a double articulation. The result is a relatively thin building, inspired by the traditional shape of the neighbouring structures and that easily adapts to the slope of the terrain. Thus the home gains a lower floor on its southern end, with minimal excavation and optimal exposure to sunlight.
The building is comprised of two volumes, corresponding to the workshop and the home itself, connected to one another by a ‘winter garden’. An initial volume, separate and located on the upper part of the plot, becomes an awning for cars. The top of the awning creates a horizontal line that engages in a subtle dialogue with the profile of the mountains.
The construction with a wooden structure, selected for its ecological qualities, creates a lightweight and clean whole with high energy efficiency, in keeping with the choice to respect the surroundings with the volume’s shape and its placement on the plot.
A metal roof and wooden vertical cladding define the dwelling’s enveloping exterior. The continuity of the façade and roof surfaces contrasts with the transparency of the polycarbonate winter garden.
The interior spaces, with the night area on the upper floor and the day area on the lower one, are articulated longitudinally in a sequence of spaces with highly diverse shapes and dimensions. The unit harmonises thanks to its alternating use of two types of finish: natural wood and white paint for walls and partitions, and wood and concrete for flooring.

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Localización Location: Villard-de-Lans, región de Roine-Alps. France. Autors Authors: Jordi Garcés, Daria de Seta y Anna Bonet (Garcés – de Seta – Bonet arquitectes). Constructora General Contractor: John Sauvajon. Redacción proyecto Project Draft: 2015. Inicio obras Start of Works: Abril 2015. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: Junio 2016. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
Jordi Garcés
Anna Bonet
Sabadell, Barcelona
Daría de Seta

Adrià Goula