Feria ISH Frankfurt. Germany

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Inbani stand at the ISH Frankfurt trade fair

Francesc Rifé estudio

Description Technical file

The ephemeral condition of this design of a ‘booth’ for the Frankfurt Trade Fair was no problem for the designer – with a clear and powerful strategy, he succeeded in combining the treatment of the space with the graphic and conceptual elements.
In line with the philosophy of the company in question, which states that transparency plays an important role, the designer decided to use it as the project’s leitmotif, creating a graphic, spatial and conceptual game out of the use of ‘dots’ corresponding to the letter ‘i’, a feature of the name of the company itself: ‘Inbani’.
Based on this thematic ‘point’, a die was applied to a laminated wooden board. This group of interventions and textures ended up configuring the façade, the interior spaces and the dividers between the different displays.
The ultimate aim was to achieve a balance between the product, of highly technical characteristics, and a container that stands out due to its naturalness and simplicity. Thus the design team opted to design only the essential, with no need for superfluous or unnecessary materials and elements. A space abundant in personality is therefore achieved, without drawing attention away from the product.

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Localización Location: Feria ISH Frankfurt. Germany. Diseño Design: Francesc Rifé Estudio. Diseño mesa de trabajo Desk design: Francesc Rifé Estudio. Mobiliario de baño Bathroom Furniture: Inbani. Atrezzo y lámpara sobre mesa de trabajo Props and desk lamp: Menu. Construcción, instalación e iluminación Construction, installation and Lighting: Montaggio. Ejecución Completion: Marzo 2015. Fotografía Photography: Fernando Alda.
Francesc Rifé
Fernando Alda Calvo