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Zaragoza. Spain

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280 EQUIS (280 Xs). Munich pop-up shop

li Cayuela + Javier J. Iniesta. studioanimal

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The idea that the branding can eventually become the retail space itself constitutes here a paradigm of what can emerge from a good transversal exercise between graphic design and architecture.
In this project, hyper-branding is the spatial strategy employed in search of a new company experience, forcing the use of graphical tools with the objective of constructing an unforgettable landscape for visitors, a memory linked to “the ‘x’ brand”. Thus this is not an interior design project to which the branding is subsequently applied, but rather the symbol of the logo itself generating the architectural space and the visual experience.
A shell constructed through the repetition of 280 corrugated cardboard exes envelops visitors and submerges them in this brand atmosphere. The geometry of these surroundings is disconnected from the store itself, and its wooden slab and corrugated cardboard construction emphasises the fact that it is a sort of decoration, an ephemeral architecture.
The proportions of the narrow and deep space have been very successfully enhanced thanks to the placement of a large mirror at the end, which duplicates the space’s length as well as reinforcing the enveloping nature of the shell, inviting visitors to explore the full area of the shop.

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Localización Location: Zaragoza. Spain. Autores Authors: Eli Cayuela + Javier J. Iniesta (Studioanimal). Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Sergi Hofland. Iluminación Lighting: Erco. Mobiliario (Banco y mostrador) Furniture (Bench and counter): Dshop. Promotor Developer: Munich Sports. Producción Production: Cartonlab. Ejecución Completion: Octubre 2016. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
José Hevia