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Palma de Mallorca. Spain

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Born, a German watch shop

Paloma Hernainz y Jaime Oliver. OHLAB

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This project ultimately presents itself as an appealing collection of sculptural and abstract pieces that reflect an illusory image in line with the functional and commercial intentions of the developer.

This project reflects on the world of luxury by proposing a game of masquerade and façade in which a set of simple and orthogonal boxes appear wavy and distorted, sometimes disappearing behind kaleidoscopic reflections, and where the historic city surroundings (recently transformed into an exclusive and fashionable area) appear fragmented, changing and unpredictable.

The shop is located in an independent unit spanning three floors of an iconic building in Palma. Its three floors take up 180m2 and include a Rolex shop on the ground floor. The interior has been completely restructured while rigorously respecting the historic façade, eliminating the intermediate floor plan in order to connect the different floors above street level and give the shop’s entrance a height of fourteen feet.

The interior of the large void is occupied by four sculptural volumes that contain the shop’s programme: Rolex space on the ground floor, private bar on the first floor, lounge area and exhibition space on the upper floor. The fourth volume is the vertical communications nexus with a lift and staircases connecting every floor with the basement. The basement contains a back-office area with an office, workshop, kitchen, bathroom and vault. The four large volumes are clad in stainless steel, with a mirror chrome finish. The surface of the undulating steel sheets bears small deformities from the cutting process, creating slightly distorted reflections.

Each of the volumes has a completely different interior, in contrast to the homogeneous exterior cladding. These interior spaces stem from experimenting with deformities of different materials in order to achieve a series of appealing textures that invite one to enter and touch. The ceiling and walls of the three-floor space surrounding the volumes are covered with a matte and translucent tensed white fabric, providing uniform and intense lighting that avoids glare from the silver boxes and emphasises its distorted effects.

The result is a collection of sculptural and abstract pieces that reflect an illusory image.

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Localización Location: Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca. Spain. Arquitectura e Interiorismo Architecture and Interior Design: OHLAB / Paloma Hernaiz y Jaime Oliver, arquitectos (incluyendo diseño de iluminación, diseño de ascensor, mobiliario a medida y diseño de product. Including lighting design, elevator design, custom made furniture, sinks and different special products). Equipo OHLAB OHLAB Team: Paloma Hernaiz y Jaime Oliver con Rebeca Lavín, Elena Campos, Rocío Bermúdez y Kadriye Yaça. Dirección de obra Site management: Paloma Hernaiz, Jaime Oliver, arquitectos, Jorge Ramón, aparejador. Estructura Structure: Jesús Alonso. Promotor Developer: Relojería Alemana. Constructora General Contractor: Construcciones Torrens. Superficie construida Built area: 180m2. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
Suppliers list
Ascensor: Malift
Vidrio: Cristalería Bellver
Fabricación de cajas metálicas de acero inoxidable especial Inox-in-color: Cerrajería Ripoll
Palma de Mallorca
Paloma Hernáiz

Jaime Oliver

José Hevia