Urbanistic development and intervention on the landscape

Agrigento, Sicília. Italy

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Pedestrian Footbridge in the Valley of the Temples

Puigcorbé, Cottone + Indelicato y Montalbano

FAD Awards finalist   International
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This small intervention in the famous archaeological site of Agrigento in Sicily stands out for its sensitive and adequate choice of means: The access way opens at its bend into a tiny square; the CorTen bridge is a slim construction, with the rusty steel giving an atmospheric answer both to the temple ruins and to the vegetation surrounding them.

The footbridge is designed as a sculptural element that blends into the spectacular landscape of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento while establishing a dialogue with the context, inspired in the surroundings and the architectural characteristics of the setting.

The main objective of the pedestrian footbridge is to restore the unity of the archaeological park, now divided by a motorway, and to offer the possibility of walking around the space in a safe way, giving the visitor the perception of being in an organic and singular whole.

The romantic aspect of the ruins, with their unfinished concept, together with the reconstruction works undertaken through the archaeological technique of anastylosis, give the Valley of the Temples an image characterised by elements of different heights and sizes, creating different expressive and formal modules.

The different heights of the columns of the nearby temple of Heracles have been transfigured and architecturally reinterpreted in the footbridge in a dynamic sequence of vertical elements at different heights, generating a vibration of the light that causes an effect of transparency and disembodiment.

The bridge has been designed in Corten steel, a material characterised by different nuances in colour, opacity and mutability similar to natural elements such as wood in order to better integrate it into the landscape.

The structure consists of a conical-shaped alveolar section at both ends and lateral shields composed of different-sized rods arranged at modular distances.

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Localización Location: Valle dei Templi, Agrigento, Sicilia. Italy. Arquitectos Architects: Joan Puigcorbé (PAAS arquitectura), Mario Cottone y Gregorio Indelicato (Cottone+Indelicato architects) y Montalbano. Ingeniería Engineering: ABGroup ingegneria. Promotor Developer: Area Archeologica della Valle dei Templi. Constructora General Contractor: Buonafede S.R.L. Fotografía Photography: Gregorio Indelicato.
Joan Puigcorbé

Mario Cottone

Gregorio Indelicato

Gregorio Indelicato