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Ephemeral light installation at the LlumBcn Festival 2015

Jordi Adell, arquitecto y profesor de la ETSAB y David Bravo, Míriam Castel, Carla Conill, Kevin Dalmeda, Noelia De la Red, Paula Domènech, Gerard Gue

FAD Awards finalist   Ephemeral interventions
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The event forms part of the ephemeral actions that commemorate the festival of the martyr who was the patron saint of the city. The Tinell porch is an elevated lineal space above a small square in calle Comtes. Inside it, a density of cotton yarn transport through their interior a whitish-bluish light and seek to solidify the natural effect of a heavy snowfall, a phenomenon that was habitual in other times when snow used to fall during the festivities of Saint Eulàlia. Visitors, when traversing these yarns hanging from the roof, receive a double effect on their memory: the remembrance of a kind of weather that is less consistently present than in the past and the pleasant sensation of crossing a livid, densely occupied space.

They say that when Saint Eulalia was martyred and killed, one of the heaviest snowfalls ever seen in the city of Barcelona fell that day, and they also say that never again has it snowed in the city on a 12th of February.

Legend or reality, the project given the title of “neumorta” (snowdead) seeks to transform the relationship between Plaza del Rey and the Tinell porch to transform it into snow-filled, immobile and cold space that will only enter into movement when the curious public passes by.

A series of cotton ropes hanging from the roof shape a penetrable 15x15-cm mesh that transforms into a great curtain measuring 2 m in width, 4.5 m in height and 11 m in depth, while the sensation of cold is achieved by means of a black source of light comprising fluorescents concealed behind the columns of the porch.

The lighting of the cotton powder remains drawn off by the public passing through and fallen on to the paving complete the sought-after feeling of snowy cold, while the counterpoint to this immobile frostiness is achieved through the installation of a red-light projector programmed to produce a “heartbeat” effect that helps to mark the end of the route.

A melody played on a piano, expressly composed for this installation by Gerard Guerra, a musician and student at the ETSAB, deepens the perception of the atmosphere, creating a rhythm of ceremonial characteristics that accompanies the visitors as they pass through.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Jordi Adell (profesor ETSAB), David Bravo, Míriam Castel, Carla Conill, Kevin Dalmeda, Noelia De la Red, Paula Domènech, Gerard Guerra, Hernan Lleida, Bernat Bastardas, Stela Salinas, Sergi Tabueña (estudiantes ETSAB). Colaboradores proyecto Project Collaborators: Adrià Muros (profesor ETSAB). Colaboradores montaje Montage collaborators: BARCISA S.A. (Pere Serrapiñana, Pablo Bracamonte, Diego Ginés, Luis Colón y José M Poyo) y Júlia Nabona (arquitecta). Promotor Developer: ICUB. Ajuntament de Barcelona. Ejecución Completion: 2015. Fotografía Photography: Stela Salinas, Sergi Tabueña, Carme Masià y Jordi Adell.