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Installation undertaken as part of the Temps de Flors 2015 programme

Josep Ferrando, David Recio, Aleix Gorgorió y Mariona Gorgorió

FAD Awards finalist   Ephemeral interventions
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The Jury's appraisal

For the fascinating ability to transform reality through a small and economical ephemeral installation fitted into the opening of a wall in a sinuous narrow lane configured by medieval constructions opening on to different landscaped courtyards. Behind a glass and thanks to a simple optical resource, a delicate orchid is reproduced to infinity, completely modifying the street by building an illusory space that succeeds in shaping a new and mysterious flowery courtyard that embodies the simplicity of essential things.

In a context that forms part of the narrow dark lane of Sant Llorenç, the old limit of Girona’s Jewish district comprised in its historic urban structure of a series of sinuous narrow streets that on occasion open on to different courtyards in the heart of the city, the strategy for this project is based on these openings and cavities.

The programme was necessarily ephemeral in character and context given that the intervention is part of the temporary “Temps de Flors” exhibition in Girona, where transience and sustainability are key factors.

The goal was to obtain a fine flower, in this case an orchid, that would withstand the deterioration produced by time and heat thanks to a visual strategy that allowed the flower to multiply through the infinite reflection of its image, creating a flowery courtyard all by itself.

This floral horizon is contained within a dry-assembled pinewood box with a mirror inside it and a mirror-window looking outwards, which has the mission of reproducing the multiplication of the flower.

The orchid was placed inside on some wooden wedges that fastened and affixed the piece to the existing opening in a way that did not damage the surrounding area or the installation.

The showcase box juts out slightly from the irregular cavity with the intention of breaking up the alignment of the wall, creating a point of spatial tension that awakens the visitor’s interest. This small disconnect allowed the glass to be opened by means of a guillotine system so that the orchid could be watered.

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Localización Location: Girona. Spain. Autores Authors: Josep Ferrando Bramona, David Recio Muniesa, Aleix Gorgorió Estruch y Mariona Gorgorió Estruch. Colaboradores Collaborators: Joan Casas y Roger Escorihuela. Constructora General Contractor: Room Global S.A. Ejecución Completion: 2015. Fotografía Photography: Aleix Gorgorió Estruch.
Josep Ferrando

David Recio

Aleix Gorgorió

Mariona Gorgorió

Aleix Gorgorió