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Carles Taché Gallery

Jorge Vidal Tomás

FAD Awards finalist   Interior Design
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Remains of old industrial units located inside a city block offer new possibilities for reuse. The project picks up on the existing spatial and constructional qualities to adapt, through a minimal intervention, to the new conditions required by an art gallery. A concatenation of spaces adapted to different exhibition displays and a small extension in the form of a mezzanine for administration tasks are perfectly integrated into the whiteness of its walls under the mantle of the old wooden trusses.

At first sight, the old “Espai Serrahima” factory site comprises a continuous sum of roofs, accesses, partitions and disorderly artefacts. Working there meant basically creating an internal order within the general order: a new order that would interconnect things.

The general layout of the gallery, the mixture of new and existing, is a deliberate composition that gives shape to a coherent family of rooms and spaces while varying it in scale proportion and quality of light. The existing building is shown in its nakedness, just as it is, while the new elements are reduced to a freestanding insertion inside it.

The gallery has been designed as a space in which the artist can unfold their work in their own way. A meeting place between the visitor to the work and the one who creates it. The principal argument is the absence of distracting elements. To achieve this, the proposal was to build an enclosure 4.20 metres in height in which the visitor’s view would be one of calm, without harshness. This limit defines a volume. A limit has been built but at the same time a stage on which to act.

This is a clear, simply constructed space with a regular geometry. The light is arranged from the roof and treated in a diluted manner. The installations are exposed and consistent with the needs. The concrete floors and ceramic ceilings are the original ones. The old walls are simply painted white and the new ones are plastered in stucco to give them a smooth continuity. The aim was to reveal the concrete conditions of the material and of the surface, while the project engages with the quality of what is already there while developing additional variations on the formal structure.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Jorge Vidal Tomás (Vidal Tomas arquitectos). Colaboradores Collaborators: Diana Piera Salamero, arquitecta. Ingenieros Engineers: Jaume Pastor (Eletresjota S.L.) y Cabezas, Gongora & Moreno. Promotor Developer: Galería Carles Tache S.L. Constructora General Contractor: Closa Constructora. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
Jorge Vidal Tomás

José Hevia