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San Jerónimo 17, refurbishment of premises in Granada

F. Javier Castellano Pulido y Tomás García Piriz

FAD Awards finalist   Interior Design
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The Jury's appraisal

The interior design project suggests the atmosphere of a space reproduced inside another space, mutually maintaining and respecting the two identities, the new one and the existing one that envelops it.
The spatial idea is limpidly prominent in the built context thanks to having created an «infrastructure unit» that runs through the rooms and distributes them. The objective is tackled through the intelligent choice of its strongly characterful components and their emotive charge.
The quality of the intervention lies in the determination to present the whole as a spontaneous, natural and non-rational expression, using recovered objects and resources and harmoniously integrating the facilities.

San Jerónimo 17 is a working space, an architecture and graphic design office that features many of the concepts developed by its authors over the past few years in other nearby projects, which are shifted from premises situated in Granada’s historic centre. Ruin, recycling, archaeology, infrastructure and memory come together in a proposal destined for the occupation of a space marked by the material traces of its successive alterations and repairs.

Marked by the presence of a powerful brick structure and wooden forgings dating from the late 19th century, this place is a palimpsest of successive interventions to which the authors adhere through the use of recycled elements: pieces of wood from the formwork for building a music school are used in creating an infrastructural piece for channelling network cabling and storing books or maquettes, six wooden doors, metallic shutters and glass pieces salvaged from the demolition together with the metallic profiles left over from a refurbished dwelling in Granada: all are assembled to shape new openings; a fragment of a water pipe that appears to have been trapped between the brick and cement mortar walls is transformed into a luminaire for the cloakroom. Even the plasterboard fragments left in place by the premises’ previous tenant have been joined together and transformed into a new electricity and lighting infrastructure. A 4x1-m steel gate from the old studio has been moved to the centre of the meeting space as an illuminated foundation stone.

San Jerónimo 17 is thus a project born of opportunity, of what its authors found in the place, of transferring materials from previous building works or, even, of the discovery of unexpected historic contiguities.

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Localización Location: Granada. Spain. Autores Authors: Javier Castellano Pulido y Tomás García Píriz, arquitectos (CUAC Arquitectura). Colaboradores Collaborators: Álvaro Castellano Pulido, arquitecto y Fernando Álvarez de Cienfuegos, diseñador gráfico. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Miguel Ángel Jiménez Dengra. Promotor Developer: CUAC Arquitectura y Fernando Álvarez de Cienfuegos. Constructora General Contractor: Jorge Calvo (Lauxa Carpinteros), Leonardo Cena (Metalistería), Grupo Innovahogar del sur, S.L. (Vidrio) y Miguel Segura S.L. (albañilería y trasdosado). Fecha de finalización de la obra Works completion date: Diciembre 2015. Superficie construida Built area: 146m². Fotografía Photography: Fernando Alda.
Tomás García Píriz
F.JavierCastellano Pulido

Fernando Alda Calvo