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Madrid. Spain

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Bosco de Lobos Restaurant

Tarruella y Ricard Trench, interioristas

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The choice of furniture, the use of materials and the lighting proposal have transformed this restaurant into an open-plan, transparent space endowed with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The project for the new restaurant In the Company of Wolves, located in the annexe of Madrid’s architects’s association, was a challenge in itself. The premises were completely open-plan and transparent, enveloped in glass, iron and concrete, with large openings and entry of light, double-height spaces that were nevertheless highly compartmented.

The restaurant comprises several spaces. The main one is a double-height cube in which the central bar has been placed, with a kitchen in full view as the nerve centre of the premises. In the elongated annexe, connected by a glass corridor, is the library dining room. The two lower floors hold the kitchen, internal service area and lavatories. Finally, a terrace has been built in the garden as a connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

The structure of the bar has been left exposed in order to configure the different heights and the play of volumes with a variety of woods (pine, oak and walnut). Around the bar the clients can sit down at perimeter tables located in the double height from which hang the Santa&Cole “candle” lights at different heights and make it more comfortable. To give the bar a more central role, the upper part is covered in a great luminous cube that catches the eye from the outside. This element is clad in backlit glass lined with fabric and is used as a wineglass holder on the inside.

Access to the annexe takes place via a glass cube clad in fire-resistant fir wood. It is an invitation to enter the library dining room, which guarantees its comfort with the wooden lining of its ceilings and floors. The determination to establish ties with the neighbouring headquarters of the Architects’ Association led the authors to install certain types of furniture such as the Mart Stam chair or the Babela chair by Achile Castiglioni, the Atollo lamp by Vico Magistretti or Luxo lamps on the tables.

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Localización Location: Madrid, Spain. Proyectistas planners: Sandra Tarruella y Ricard Trenchs (Tarruella Trenchs Studio). Colaboradores Collaborators: Olga Pajares, Núria Plà, Carla Manresa, Anabel Cortina y Albert Martín. Promotor Promotor: En Compañía de Lobos. Ejecución Completion: abril 2014. Fotografía Photography: Olga Planas.
Sandra Tarruella
Trenchs, Ricard
Olga Planas