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Nigüelas, Granada

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Intervention in an abandoned irrigated plantation in Nigüelas

Juan Antonio Serrano García y Paloma Baquero Masats, arquitectos

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A recovery of usage and value is proposed for this abandoned plantation which has remained intact on the boundary between the city centre and the agricultural crops, carrying out an exercise in memory and offering the town a new public space: a collectively-managed plantation, a park and an open-air stage to be used as a cinema during summer, a stage for plays and concerts and a platform for the well-known town band. Many of the people interviewed used to play in this holding as children, bathing in the canals in the mornings, hidden behind the quince trees or having an afternoon snack in the shade of the oaks while their parents or grandparents tended to the garden.
The intervention aims to recover these memories, enhancing the value of the pre-existing elements. An excavated path in the orchard, linking the identified strategic points, makes it possible to understand the place, the smell of the quince trees, the shade of the oaks, the views of the valley and the sound of the water, which accumulates in two pools for the irrigation of the new orchard, managed by employment workshops, schoolchildren or retired townspeople.
A single action is carried out to bring the project to fruition: the movement of material, so that the earth excavated to generate the path is piled up to regenerate the orchard. At the end of the path is the stage, under which the dressing rooms and a storage room are located, and which takes advantage of an existing noise barrier of chestnut trees.
Our role in this project has consisted of mediating between the needs and desires of the town hall, the local residents and the project staff, who participated as workers but also future users. The intervention has been the result of the different circumstances surrounding the setting of the project: Moisés had to tend to the sheep in the neighbouring plot during his shift, Serafín brought tools from his old construction company in order to work more rapidly, the blueprints disappeared constantly, neighbours strolled through the worksite offering ideas and memories of the place, and the town Mayor observed the process from her balcony…

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Localización Location: Paisaje C/ Angustias. Nigüelas, Granada. Promotor Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Nigüelas. Arquitectos Architects: Serrano+Baquero arquitectos. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Francisco Artime. Constructora General Contractor: Habitantes de Nigüelas en situación de desempleo. Taller de empleo de la Junta de Andalucía. Año proyecto Project date: 2010. Ejecución Completion: 2012-2013. Superficie construida Built area: 3.100 m2. Presupuesto de obra Work budget: 46.000 €. Fotografía Photography: Estudio Serrano + Baquero