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Francesc Rifé, interiorista

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This establishment, proposed as an enlargement of the restaurant of the same name and located in the city of Valencia, personalises its interior space through a subtle and radical intervention that uses the empty wooden boxes used for transporting oranges, so typical in Valencian tradition.

As its name (Scoundrel Bar) indicates, this is an informal, highly urban space located in a central area of Valencia’s Ensanche district. The interior design project for the Canalla Bar is actually an enlargement of the restaurant of the same name directed by the chef Ricard Camarena.
The most prominent elements of the establishment’s design are the materials used in its spatial conception: the urban flooring and the superposition of old boxes used for transporting and selling oranges.
The external space is connected with the establishment by introducing the floor of a pedestrian pavement into the interior, in a gesture of urban complicity that has also been used in the front cladding of the two bar counters of the premises.
Old orange boxes, such a characteristic element in the life and tradition of Valencia, have been reused in several formats to personalise the ceiling, design the furniture and build the lining. For constructing the furniture and floor, the slats that comprise the boxes have been taken apart and rearranged like a patchwork to create an interesting graphic composition that gives the establishment its character.
The same patchwork design process has been used to build the tables and a linear 17-metre bench that occupies one of the laterals of the restaurant. The chairs, in white and grey.

The colour black, which dominates walls and ceilings, brings uniformity to the space while creating a low-intensity lighting that creates a very comfortable general atmosphere.

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Localización Location: Carrer del Mestre Josep Serrano, 5, 46005 València. Promotor Promotor: Ricard Camarena. Autor Autor: Francesc Rifé. Constructora General contractor: Coarco. Superficie construida Built area: 32 m2. Proyecto-Ejecución Project- Completion: 2014. Fotografía Photography: David Zarzoso
Francesc Rifé