Olot, Girona. Spain

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House between walls

Rafael Aranda Quiles, Carme Pigem Barceló y Ramon Vilalta Pujol, arquitectos

FAD Award 2014  Interior Design
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The jury’s appraisal
This project is perceived as the lab of someone who in an almost scientific way is seeking to build poetry. It is surprising to see how the different investigations, whether relating to the programme or to the construction, blend into a perfect synthesis resulting, above all, in a poetic atmosphere.

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Situación Site: Olot, Girona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Rafael Aranda Quiles, Carme Pigem Barceló, Ramon Vilalta Pujol, arquitectes. RCR Aranda pigem Vilalta arquitectes. Fotografía Photography: Pep Sau
Pigem y Vilalta Aranda
Olot, Girona
RCR Arquitectes
Olot, Girona
Rafael Aranda

Carme Pigem

Ramon Vilalta