Multi-family dwellings

Coslada, Madrid

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118 Subsidized dwellings, offices, retail spaces and garage

Atxu Amann, Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz y Nicolás Maruri Mendoza, arquitectos

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The location of this project in a central urban square turns it into a landmark. This has led to designing slender, permeable and open buildings that in their ground floor contain an open urban space.

Situated in a position of recent growth in the municipality of Coslada, near Madrid, the building is erected by twinning differentiated uses: offices, dwellings, retail, public spaces at street level, public spaces on upper floors and underground car parks. It is a peripheral building of hybrid characteristics.

It is a public development intended for covering the lack of low-cost housing in the city, especially dwellings for young people. This means that 70% of the built dwellings are earmarked for rental and the rest reserved for selling, as are the rest of associated uses.

The development seeks to provide a potentially more attractive situation than the simple accumulation of dwellings. In this regard it takes advantage of its unique location within the city, building between its four towers a public, covered plaza that serves as a forecourt to the building entrances. This same plaza links up with different parts of the city like an urban hinge.

This lower plaza is connected via a hanging staircase and a lift with a second plaza that, situated ten metres above the former, links up the four towers and separates the retail and offices uses from the dwellings. This elevated plaza becomes the heart of the project. All communications are linked to this space that, duly outfitted, assumes the condition of a leisure and social space for the community. It is a communal space at the service of the city.

The suite of dwellings is articulated on the basis of 40-m2 apartments configured as a continuous space separated by large-format sliding doors. This space is insulated from the exterior by a system of cupboards and from the general access corridor by a battery of wet nodes that insulates the flats from noise and centralises the installations. All the apartments have a protected outdoor terrace.

The ensemble is basically built around a reinforced concrete structure, with the four towers clad in a sheet steel skin lacquered in different shades of grey acting as a ventilated façade, going from opaque to perforated depending on the different conditions of use, establishing a suite of lighting and ventilation nuances that build an intense and complex point of attraction.

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Situación Site: Plaza de la Hispanidad, Coslada, Madrid. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Atxu Amann, Andrés Cánovas, Nicolás Maruri. Equipo (colaboradores) Team (Collaborators ): Beatriz Amann, Mauro Bravo, Javier Gutiérrez,Patricia Lucas, Ana López, Pablo Sigüenza, Rafael Marcos, Carlos Ríos. Promotor Promotor: EMVICOSA, Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda de Coslada. Contratista General Contractor: ETOSA. Cliente Client: EMVICOSA, Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda de Coslada. Dirección de Obra Site director: Andrés Canovas y Nicolás Maruri. Presupuesto ejecución Budget: 8.723.254,00 €. Estructuras Structures: Mecanismo / Florentino Regalado. Instalaciones Enginering: Condiciones Internas. Interiores Interiores design: Atxu Amann, Andrés Cánovas, Nicolás Maruri. Maquetista Models: Beatriz Amann, Mauro Bravo, Patricia Lucas, Carlos Ríos. Aparejadores Technical Architect: Pedro Montesinos, Elena Galán. Fecha Proyecto Project Date: 2005-2009. Ejecución Completion: 2010-2012. Fotografía Photography: David Frutos.
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Aislamiento de fachada ventilada: Ursa Terra Vento

Cánovas y Maruri Amann
David Frutos Ruiz
Torre Pacheco, Murcia