Multi-family dwellings

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Social housing, garages and retail outlets in San Vicente de Raspeig

Alfredo Payá Benedito, arquitecto

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In this interesting project intended for use as a multi-family dwelling, the chosen strategy essentially consists of taking advantage of its construction to generate communal spaces with the capacity to establish an intense relationship between the public and the private space.

The layout proposed by the regulations consisted of two parallel blocks connected by their communication spaces. The receptiveness of the city hall and its technicians allowed the blocks to be rearranged on the plot, and the first decision was to slightly slide them from each other so that a new permeability would appear and the construction’s area of influence would be increased. The space between the blocks, a square and covered streets, assume the role of circulations. The second decision was to occupy the ground floor with retail outlets in an open floor plan that balances both blocks, creating façade fronts giving on to the avenue, the garden and the covered square.

All the dwellings occupy two floors, thus minimising the space intended for the accesses. On these access floors are the day spaces of the dwellings, leaving the bedrooms alternatively on the top or bottom floor. All the rooms in the dwellings enjoy natural light and crossed ventilation.

The residual space on the other side of the dwelling is here neither inert nor inanimate; rather, it is living and changing. The ordinary thus becomes extraordinary, the quotidian communicates and establishes links with the exterior, with the context and with the city. This project breaks away from iconic temptations to propose a building that forms part of the city in a natural way, one where users have a private space but also a communal space in which to stage the free programmes inherent to the practices of a new social body. A building capable of activating interaction mechanisms between the architecture and the future users.

This project proposes an amplified vision of a context in which the environment and the climate are as important as the ways of life linked to the Mediterranean culture. The patios, covered streets, porches become spaces endowed with emotive and architectural emotion. The investigation carried out here consists of making the most of the construction of dwellings to generate communal spaces with the capacity to establish an intense relationship between the public space and the private space.

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Localización Location: Avenida de Barcelona 2, San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante. Spain. Autor Author: Alfredo Payá Benedito, arquitecto. Colaboradores Collaborators: Arquitectos Architects: Raquel Del Bello. Gema Vicente. Arturo Calero Hombre.Sonia Miralles Mud. Vicente Pascual Fuentes. Arquitecto Técnico Technical Architects: Marcos Gallud García. Natalia Velasco Velázquez. Instalaciones y climatización Installations: Juan Jesús Gutiérrez Sánchez, Ingeniero. Interiorista Interior design: Beatriz Vera Payá. Dirección de Obra Site director: Alfredo Payá Benedito, arquitecto. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Natalia Velasco Velázquez y Marcos Gallud Garcia. Promotor Promotor: Instituto Valenciano de la Vivienda. Empresa Constructora General Contractor: Cántera Vértice. Presupuesto de Ejecución Material Budget: 2.761.103’05 €. Coste/m2 Cost/m2: 455.40 €. Superficie construida Area: 6063’08 m2. Fecha de proyecto Project Date: 2003. Fecha construcción Completion: octubre de 2005-enero de 2012. Fotografía Photography: David Frutos.
Alfredo Payá Benedito
David Frutos Ruiz
Torre Pacheco, Murcia