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La intención de levantar un vecindario vertical, agotando la máxima altura permitida por las ordenanzas municipales, para poder liberar una gran parte

Jose María De Lapuerta, Paloma Campo y Carlos Asensio, arquitectos

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The intention of erecting a vertical neighbourhood, using up the maximum height permitted by the municipal byelaws in order to liberate a large part of the plot and transform it into a public space, characterises this housing project in the Porvenir quarter of Seville.

This project results from a first prize won in an open ideas competition for a social housing development in one of the most sought-after districts of Seville. The proposal chosen by the winners decided to use up the maximum permitted height. This decision liberated a large part of the ground floor. The pros: more sunlight for the open spaces, visual and pedestrian permeability and, above all, the creation of outdoor spaces with different and nuanced approaches to the public space.

The seven courtyard towers are arranged with an arbitrary and random appearance on the plot that is nevertheless properly meditated in regard to increasing the distance between facades, external views from the dwellings, optimal sunlight or the typological multiplicity of the outdoor spaces.

In the facades extruded aluminium, shaping solar protection slats, and concrete prefab all acquire the same texture. The transparent and opaque walls thus appear undifferentiated, the windows disappear when they are closed and can open fully by gently sliding them along.

The project tackles the different relationships that can occur between users, creating to this end two types of communal areas: those of the forest glades, which are permeable on all their sides to a city that participates in their enjoyment and maintenance, and those of the tower plazas, with different uses for all of them (gymnastic games-basketball-skating-fair ground awnings, etc.) and which invite the users of the other towers to share their social and sports needs with their neighbours.

In turn, in each tower a public space at the top uncovers the last degree of privacy between the users of the different buildings, in which the owner of one of them invites the neighbour to his “watchtower”, to his jetway, uncovered spaces pointing to each other, speaking of invisible relations… smoking, chatting, digressing or simply gazing in “your own portion” of sky.

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Localización Location: Sevilla. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: José María De Lapuerta Montoya, Carlos Asensio Galvin, Paloma Campo Ruano. Colaboradores Collaborators: Arquitecto codirector de obra: Mario Algarín Comino. Arquitecto jefe de proyecto: Jorge Romera Herrero . Arquitectos: Paula Martínez Abascal, Matán Sapir, Elena Tejeiro Medina,Sergio del Castillo, Darío Negueruela. Guillermo Sicre . Adrián Castiñeira. Ingenierías Engineering: Grupo JG Sevilla(Instalaciones), CALCONSA(estructuras), CEMOSA, J.Antonio Angulo González. Promotora Promotor: Emvisesa. Constructora General Contractor: Acciona. Fecha finalización de obra Completion: 30/04/2013. Fotografía Photography: Fernando Alda.
Suppliers list
Lana mineral: Ursa Terra

J.María De Lapuerta Montoya
Fernando Alda Calvo