Multi-family dwellings

Manresa, Barcelona

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Social housing in the old district of Manresa

Lola Domènech y Antonio Montes, arquitectos

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This building addresses its functional programme by establishing a close-knit dialogue with the public spaces surrounding it and skilfully resolving a problem of scale between this public space and the dimension of the building itself.

This building of 44 social dwellings, a retail outlet and car parking forms part of the urban renewal plan for the old district of Manresa, which has the fundamental goal of regenerating and revitalising the city’s historic centre. The special plan drawn up by Manresa City Hall was driven by an important and ambitious idea of reactivating a part of the city that was on the edge of dereliction. The design for this block of social dwellings had the basic objective of creating decent social housing, keeping in mind the required premise of minimal maintenance by the City Hall and meeting the demanded criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency.

On the south façade the building establishes a dialogue with a square dominated by an existing old chimneystack and a new walkway linking it with the historic centre situated on a higher level. The building’s irregular ground plan adapts to the built limits and those of the plot itself, with facades giving on to two streets, on to the existing square and leaving an open courtyard in its back part.

In the east, south and west facades, a gallery that runs around the entire perimeter, delimited by an enclosure of adjustable aluminium slats, contains a ventilated and protected terrace for each dwelling. This enclosure ensures the visual and sunlight protection of the facades that are most exposed to the sun. It is a unitary, dynamic and changing shell that is transformed daily according to each user’s lighting and visual needs.

The building has been designed according to sustainability and eco-efficiency criteria, ensuring crossed ventilation for all dwellings, using dry construction systems for the interior layout, prefab panels on the facades, sunlight control systems with adjustable aluminium slats, collection of rainwater and recycling of greywater. To ensure the building’s energy efficiency, a mixed heating system based on solar panels and gas has been installed that feeds the domestic hot water and heating circuit.

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Localización Location: Manresa, Barcelona. Spain. Promotor Development company: Forum s.a- Manresa. Equipo redactor Authors: Lola Domènech arqt y Antonio Montes arqt. Dirección de obra Site director: Lola Domènech arqt / Antonio Montes arqt . Estructura Structures: Robert Brufau , Carles Jaen- BOMA (redacción+ dirección obra). Colaboradores Collaborators: Jason Portell arq. Emily rivers arq, Vasiliki Arampatzaki arq. Carolina Alonso arqt. Arquitecto Técnico Technical Architect: J.R. Soldevila (redacción). Arquitecto Técnico Project management: Xavier Morros (dirección obra). Instalaciones parquing Engineer parking : DIS (Diseny i Sostenibilitat). Instalaciones viviendas Engineer housing : Avantconsultors. Presupuesto contrata Budget: 10.759.261,20€. Redacción de proyecto drafting: 2006-2008. Ejecución Completion: 2008/2012. Superfície Area: 7.347 m2. Constructor Constructor:Dragados. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
Adrià Goula