Multi-family dwellings

Palma de Mallorca, Baleares

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Social housing in Palma de Mallorca

Pep Ripoll y Juan Miguel Tizón, arquitectos

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The formal result of an excavated solid in which the openings are presented as stages stacked one above the other is in this project the consequence of the dialogue established between the building and its most immediate urban surroundings.

The building project is approached by assuming the volumetry prescribed by the regulations and playing with the established rules: a given building depth and the possibility of creating limited overhangs in the street, half of which can be occupied by a closed surface space. The proposal takes advantage of this situation to generate the mechanisms that connect the dwelling with its immediate surroundings via a clever system of gaps and perforations opened up in its volume.

This building’s commitment is with its tenants and with the street, but not only through its façade, as it is its volume as a whole which seeks to understand and recognise the place, splitting up yet compacting up.

The different rooms of the dwelling are organised around fixed strips housing the server units. The excavated terraces are the intermediate elements that connect interior with exterior while offering their own landscape, incorporated into the foreground of each dwelling.

Mediterranean tradition makes its presence felt in the building as a whole and especially in the construction detail of the staircase lattice, which allows air and light through without cloistering while making reference to its location, forming part of a suite of economical and ingenious details and finishes that give added value to this social housing complex.

In contrast to the majority of social housing projects in which the space devoted to the kitchen becomes little more than a machinery room for the torture of its users, here the kitchen takes centre stage, with vistas and ventilation through an opening whose jambs, clad in marble like the dish holder, frame the views to complete a sustainable work well done.

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Localización Location: C/ Capità Vila - C/ Can Curt. Palma de Mallorca. Spain. Promotor Promotor: Arquitectos Architects: Pep Ripoll - Juan Miguel Tizón. Colaboradores Collaborators: Pablo García (arquitecto), Luis Sánchez (arquitecto). Aparejador Technical Architec: Toni Arqué. Cálculo de estructura Structures: Jorge Martín. Cálculo de instalaciones Installations: David Mulet. Promotor Promotor: Institut Balear de l'Habitatge (IBAVI).Constructora General Contractor : Contratas y Obras. Fecha del proyecto Project Date: 2008. Fecha de la obra Completion: 2012. Superficie Area: 2.816,55m2. Coste Budget: 1.156.320,90 EUR. Proyecto y construcción Project date and completion: 2008-2012. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
José Hevia