Multi-family dwellings


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Dwellings in the historic quarter of Cádiz

Diego Cano Pintos, Gonzalo Cano Pintos y Alfonso Cano Pintos, arquitectos

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Sensitivity, together with a profound knowledge of the history and urban typology of the city of Cádiz, hovers over this housing complex project, which is incorporated into the city in a framework of discretion, common sense and distinction.

This project for a housing project in the historic quarter of Cádiz is based on a profound reflection on the history of its construction as well as the in-depth analysis of the different typologies that shape the urban grid as a whole.

It is thus that the references of alley, entryway, courtyard, flat roof turn into the protagonists of the reflection, and the Arabic outline and void lead towards the basic concept of this project: the alley as a breach in the urban space.

At the end of the alley called the Callejón de los Moros, a sheet metal gate painted in tobacco-coloured enamel stands out from the long tense lime canvas. Behind the gate is the dark and backlit entryway, a filter without perceptible dimensions, a dark screen that marks the transition between the public space and the private space.

The internal circulation, which follows a bend, leads the visitor into the courtyard, strict and tight in its proportions, the required ones for proper lighting via a roof light and for ventilation. The long and narrow proportion establishes the required privacy between the different homes that give on to it.

Between the courtyard and the homes are the “corralas” the corral patios, a new privacy filter. The space is transformed into a way of life for the use of its dwellers, reflecting people’s everyday lives, with everything looking extremely natural: flowerpots, plants, geraniums...

At the end of the patio, and again following a bend, are the stairs as a communal space. Crossed, mysterious views veiled from the light mark the vertical route.

Finally, the flat roof becomes the space that once again opens up to the city, a horizontal plane that looks almost continuous and loses itself in the horizon.

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Localización Location: Cádiz. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Diego Cano Pintos, Gonzalo Cano Pintos y Alfonso Cano Pintos. Dirección de obra compartida con Juan Jiménez Mata. Arquitectos Colaboradores Collaborators Architetcs: Luis Pancorbo Crespo, Belén Sanz Montoya, Estela Rodríguez Cadenas, Cristina Monjas López, Inés María Martín Robles y Sara Arroyo Conde. Aparejador Technical Architec: Manuel Ballester Diana. Cálculo de estructura Structures: Ineco. Cálculo de instalaciones Installations: 3i-ingeniería. Cliente/Promotor Client: Oficina Andaluza del Plan de Rehabilitación del Casco Histórico de Cádiz.Constructor Contractor: Sanrocón. Sup. Construída Built area: 1.195 m2. Coste Budget: 1.665.876 euros. Proyecto y construcción Project date and completion: concurso 2001, proyecto 2002-2008, fin de obra 2011Fotografía Photography: Pablo Diaz-Fierros.
Pablo F. Díaz-Fierros