Multi-family dwellings

As Pontes, A Coruña

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32 Dwellings and Day Center

Elizabeth Abalo y Gonzalo Alonso, arquitectos

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Young and old share in this project more than we are accustomed to see: spaces for interaction that can be shared. Corridors, vantage points, laundry, washing lines, accesses… in short, we are talking about the global house.

In the year 2007 the Housing Department of the Xunta de Galicia, the Galician Government, called a series of competitions in different Galician localities for the construction of intergenerational rental housing buildings with a day centre on the ground floor. In the case of As Pontes, the proposed plot is an urban one and with a slightly rhomboid ground plan. The main east-facing façade fronts the main street and a park with leafy tree groves and a stream.

A compact volume reflects the byelaw indications. Garage in the basement, accesses and day centre on the ground floor, occupying the entire plot, plus 32 flats in the four upper storeys, with the pertinent recessing. All the facades are finished in the same way, though some of them could be concealed in the future. The main one is livened up with a volumetric play of inlets and outlets occurring in the north-east vertex, translated directly to the communal interior space.

A longitudinal communications axis distributes the main areas: the more public ones at the start, with the reception, medical consultation and physiotherapy rooms giving on to private courtyards and the activity room and dining room filtered by the lavatory and cloakroom modules. At the back are the restricted-use zones, with the management area towards the interior and kitchen, storerooms and staff changing rooms accessed directly from the façade. A clear and flexible layout, with double east-west, street-courtyard orientation. This generates larger spaces giving on to the street and more enclosed towards the courtyards.

Two communications nodes in the party walls, with access to communal washing lines and storerooms, regularise the complex geometry. The main one lands in a kind of cascade of interaction and lounge spaces interlinked with double heights that shape the head of the distribution corridor for the flats.

The simplicity of the materials is no hindrance to the more than adequate execution. Points of encounter and details are studied in the hope of favouring both the budget and the visual economy. Concrete structure, exposed in the areas more subject to wear and tear. Facades made from a rendered brick double leaf but with reinforced insulation, waterproof mortar and a good coat of paint. Floors in ceramic stoneware, high-performance external aluminium joinery, ventilation and natural light even in the garages, with a few cheering touches in the graphic image.

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Situación Site: As Pontes, A Coruña. Spain. Autores Authors: abalo alonso arquitectos. Elizabeth Abalo, Gonzalo Alonso. Colaboradores Collaborators: Carlos Bóveda, Francisco J. Vázquez, Manuel Sanmartín, arquitectos. Estructura Structure: Inaec ingeniería. Jacobo Valido. Instalaciones Installations: Inaec ingeniería. Federico Valido. Aparejador Technical Architec: Juan Moreno. Promotores Promotor: Instituto Galego de Vivenda e Solo. Xunta de Galicia. Constructora Contractor: UTE Eoc Galicia-Assignia Infraestructuras. Proyecto y construcción Project date and completion: concurso 2007, proyecto 2007, fin de obra 2011. Sup. Construída Built area: 4.218m2. Coste Budget: 2.625.324,75€. Fotografía Photography: Santos-Díez / bisimages.
Abalo y Alonso