Multi-family dwellings

Vallecas, Madrid

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Social housing in Vallecas

Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, arquitecto

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Elegance and a determination to integrate into its more urban environment characterise this complex of social dwellings situated in Madrid’s Vallecas district.

In contrast to the closed city block proposed by the urban planning regulations of the Vallecas Enlargement, this project proposes the construction of two blocks in parallel. The unequal conditions of the surroundings, together with the plot’s urban setting and orientation, made this layout advisable in order to build higher-quality dwellings, with good views and better orientation.

The result are dwellings that open on to the exterior facades and others that look towards the garden. All of them are dwellings with two facades to ensure crossed ventilation as well as natural ventilation and lighting for all the rooms in the home.

As is natural, the various external situations of the dwellings lead to very different shells. Smooth continuous polished concrete walls perforated by elongated windows in the external facades, while in the garden interior, and for greater enjoyment, there are running galleries protected by vertical aluminium elements that sketch a dynamic, changing landscape.

Car parking and storerooms are located underground. The project situates these spaces under the apartment blocks, accepting the huge difficulty this entails as it shares the same structural grid, in order to liberate the space between the blocks to thus build a true garden, with the planting of tall trees.

The two blocks are not the same. One of them features a slanted cut in assuming the geometry of the plot when looking towards the traffic roundabout. In the other one, volume subtraction operations mark the access to the built complex.

The layout of the dwellings seeks to achieve more capable and qualified interior spaces for the functional organisation mandated by the programme and the byelaws, together with the greatest flexibility (spatial and structural) for the dwellings’ other alternatives of use.

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Localización Location: Ensanche de Vallecas. Madrid. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra(proyecto y dirección de obra). Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Marcos Vázquez Consuegra, Emilio Rodríguez Colaboradores Collaborators: Proyecto: Alberto Altini, Laura Moruno, Elías Pérez-Lema, Borja Dorado, Jeff Geisinger, Pedro Hébil, Esther Hodel, Asia Jedrus. Dirección de obra: Patricia Leal, Javier de Mateo y Álvaro Luna. Paisajismo Landscape: Teresa Galí (Arquitectura Agronomía). Estructura Structure: Edartec Consultores. Instalaciones Installations: Insur-JG. Maquetas Models:Talleres Vázquez y Estudio Vázquez Consuegra. Sup. Construída Built area: 25.552 m². Coste Budget: 17.407.730 €. Promotor Promotor: Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda y Suelo de Madrid, EMVS. Constructora Contractor: Prasi S.A. (2007-2008). OCA Construcciones y Proyectos S.A. (2009-2012). Fecha de proyecto Project date: 2005-2006. Periodo ejecución Completion: 2007-2012. Fotografía Photography: Duccio Malagamba.
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Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra
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