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House-Courtyard in Gràcia

Carles Enrich Giménez, arquitecto

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The quest for an open space as a container of all activities inherent to a studio-dwelling and its extension towards the inner block courtyard lies at the heart of the strategy of this project situated in the Gràcia district of Barcelona.

The reinterpretation of an old dry cleaner’s situated between party walls in the Gràcia district, and its transformation into a studio-dwelling, represented a great occasion to set out a dwelling system in a single open space, in this case an inner block courtyard. With this goal in mind, the project began by eliminating the set of divisions that fragmented the space while extending its openings outwards.

The project has sought the void at all times as a defined strategy in developing the studio-dwelling typology, with the exception of the bathroom, located in the only closed room in the dwelling. The result becomes a multifunctional ensemble that can accommodate a variety of uses according to different needs. In this regard, activities associated with rest, leisure or eating were treated as complementary activities undertaken in a single space while redeeming the tradition that transforms the kitchen into the centre of the home.

Original materials are recovered, such as stones and bricks on the walls and ceramic jack arch bricks and wooden joists in the ceilings, leaving all necessary metallic structures exposed. The reflection on the passage of time was a basic factor in this project as it sought to achieve a constructional and cultural coexistence between the various and successive eras that constitute its history.

The excavation of the area intended for dressing room has allowed the emergence of a mezzanine situated above a structure made from IPE profiles and a 3-cm MDF platform. It operates as a space segregated from the rest without ever being quite closed off. The floor is made from a single material, a slab of polished concrete, on which grey-tinted putty was applied.

This fragmentation of the programme ultimately transforms the courtyard into an intermediate space that can be understood as an additional room, usable for the greater part of the year thanks to a pergola formed from metallic profiles and a wattle lattice that favours privacy and climatic control.

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Localización Location: Barrio de Gràcia, Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Carles Enrich Giménez. Estructura Structure: Masaad (Roger Saderra i Miquel Manjón). Instalaciones Installacions: Carles Enrich Giménez. Fotografía Photography: Carles Enrich i Enric Fabre.