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en Tragacete, Cuenca

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JP House

Carmina Casajuana, Beatriz G. Casares y Marcos González, arquitectos

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In the project for this new house in the Cuenca Sierra, the architects and industry have successfully collaborated with the goal of updating and aligning two forms or typologies that are often incompatible, popular constructions and prefabricated homes.

The final result for this dwelling, far from seeking its references in the industrial world or in the folklore-alpine fantasy inherent to this kind of prefabrication experiment, recalls the artisan crafts and the reason for this reference has to do with the material chosen to envelop the modules that comprise the house: larch slats. But it is obviously also connected to the way this material has been treated, cut and installed.

On a metal skeleton, larch shapes a ventilated façade that recalls the popular tradition of working with wicker, given its abundance in the area. The house stands in the urban centre as a sum of volumetries, adapting to the ensemble of sloping planes of the roof outlines.

The construction of this house has only used eight modules measuring eighteen square metres (six by three) and a small piece for the upper part, while the layout follows a modest, simple diagram in which each module possesses its own function.

The ground floor contains the en-suite master bedroom, a functional staircase module, utilities and laundry and the open space containing the living room, dining room and kitchen. The upper floor holds two bedrooms situated at the ends, again the functional staircase module and, in this case, bathroom, together with a raised area arranged for open, relatively undefined use.

The image of the house is complemented with the large square-shaped openings, conveniently south- and east-facing. Finally, and in order to reinforce the dwelling’s open holiday concept, two sliding doors, built from the same materials, open onto an outdoor terrace.

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Localización Location: Tragacete, Cuenca. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: (MYCC)Carmina Casajuana, Beatriz G. Casares, Marcos Gonzalez. Equipo Team: Raquel del Rio, Pablo Urbano, Miguel Angel Hellin. Control de calidad Quantity surveyor: Raul Olivares. Constructor Contructor: Ageco Scotmans Spain. Superficie Area: 144m2. Fecha ejecución Completion: 2012. Fotografía Photography: FG+SG, Fernando Guerra Sergio Guerra.
Fernando Guerra (Estudio FG+SG)
1900-271 Lisboa, Portugal