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Port de la Selva, Girona

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House in Port de la Selva

Mónica Rivera y Emiliano López, arquitectos

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The materials and type of construction of this dwelling have a double purpose: to generate interiors that lead to a maximum reduction of seasonal energy losses while treating its architecture in a way that harmonises with its natural setting.

Situated at the highest point of Port de la Selva, the house stands on a triangle-shaped plot marked by a strong slope in the northern direction. The intensity of this slope and the byelaw restrictions in force for building in the area have played a decisive role when it came to defining the dwelling’s formal configuration, a bar running perpendicular to the slope to allow for the articulation of the different outdoor spaces around its facades.

In order to make the building adapt properly to the triangular shape that characterises the plot on which it stands, it breaks off in its two ends to give rise to two rotated volumes housing bedrooms and bathrooms and which create another level in a descending direction. The central body, on a single level, contains the kitchen, dining and living room, which open directly on to the terrace on the northern side and the main courtyard to the south.

Extending along the façade on the northern side is a large terrace with sea views through the pine grove adjacent to the house; the southern face opens on to an excavated slate courtyard. In the southwestern end, away from the main rooms, is a swimming pool surrounded by slate, gravel and pines and protected from the north Tramontana wind.

In the ends of the lower level of the two rotated volumes are two rooms that are kept independent from the upper spaces: a guest bedroom in one and a painting studio in the other. They are accessed either by surrounding the house or by descending the stairs at the ends of the terrace.

The outside of the house is rendered in lime mortar and protected from the saline atmosphere with silicate paint. The indoor walls are plastered and walls and ceilings are painted in breathable paint. The floors are manual clay tiles and the joinery and shutters are wooden, protected with open-pore, oil-based paints. The wall of the terrace, pool and outdoor steps are clad in a thick mortar with natural pigments that reproduce earthy hues.

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Localización Location: c/ Vent de Llevant nº9, El Port de la Selva, Girona. Spain Arquitectos Architects : Mónica Rivera y Emiliano López. Colaboradores Collaborators: Sofia Houtman, Daniela Trigo, Laura Coladas. Estructuras Structures: Bis Arquitectes. Instalaciones Installations: PGI engineering. Aparejador Technical Architec: Victor Romero. Contructora Contractor: Construccions Porfit. Fecha proyecto Project Date: 2010. Finalización Completed: 2012. Sup.Construida Built area: 272 m2. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
Mónica Rivera
Emiliano López
José Hevia