Family houses

SantCugat del Vallès, Barcelona

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JGCfamily house in the housing estate of La Floresta

MDBA, arquitectos

Description Technical file

In this project, the special topography of the area occupied by the plot becomes the reason for being of its final formalisation, skilfully overcoming the difficulties it represented.

This is a classic housing development in the garden city style situated in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a town in the vicinity of Barcelona. It sits on the northwestern slope of the Sierra de Collserola and enjoys excellent views over the neighbouring Vallès valley. Its proximity to a large city, together with the climatic conditions and the circumstance that the metropolitan byelaws have favoured the construction of family houses in this sector have transformed Sant Cugat del Vallès into a vast theme park, built in “homage” to the house-with-garden typology. This is why it is surprising and pleasant to see this house as an example of architecture that, far from resorting to the folklore copy or the image of industrialised prefabrication, seeks its identity in its own urban and rural environment.
The form and position of this house is that of the plot’s own form and orientation, closed to the public road and open towards some extraordinary views of the city and its setting in the Vallès.
The building’s external image towards the access road and therefore the urban space is based on an un-aggressive approach that has favoured the process of better adapting to the compositional and typological characteristics of the surrounding buildings and their facades. The larger mass of this façade is complemented by the composition of its openings and the surface and textured treatment of its enclosing walls.
The façade opening onto the slope and the views is based on another compositional system in which the larger surface of its openings facilitates an improved relationship with the exterior, opening up to the splendid vistas of the surroundings and placing a terrace in its lateral position that in this way allows for improved orientation and sunlight conditions.

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Localización Location: Urbanización la Floresta, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona. Spain. Cliente Client: JGC. Arquitectos Architects: MDBA. Arquitecto director Site management: Maria Díaz. Estructura Structure: Miriam Molina MVA. Aparejadora Technical Architec: Pilar Sierra. Colaboradores Collaborators: Marta Prados. Constructor Contractor: Construciones Miranda. Superfície Area: 360 m2. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
Adrià Goula