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ÁPH80 Portable House

Ábaton Arquitectura

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The ÁPH80 represents the essence of a complete house and becomes its iconic reproduction while being what any child would draw when asked to represent his or her “home”.

ÁBATON Arquitectura launches the Series ÁPH80 Portable House, a construction measuring 80 m3 and 27 m2 that can be modulated and immediately installed. It develops this series as an ideal home for 2 people, transportable by road, which can be set up anywhere. The proportions are the result of an exhaustive study by the design team, which sought to make the resulting spaces recognisable and the interior sensation one of spatial plenitude. It is a simple, robust dwelling in which the materials and finishes provide a feeling of equilibrium and wellbeing. Built from wood and transportable on a standard lorry, the ÁPH80 is inspired in the principles manifested by the design studio: wellbeing, environmental balance and simplicity.

The ÁPH80 consists of three differentiated spaces: living room/kitchen – with ceramic or gas hob, fridge, sink and extractor hood- full bathroom with shower and bedroom, covering a total surface of 27m2 (9x3), with a peaked roof 3.5 m high at its highest point which provides a sensation of amplitude and comfort based on a simple, habitual volumetry.

The ÁPH80 is made from mostly recyclable materials that meet the sustainability criteria that ÁBATON brings to all its projects. It integrates into the natural environment thanks to the large openings that bring the exterior indoors to provide a large-capacity effect. The use of wood inside the entire house, wood which comes from sustainable forests to prevent deforestation, provides the necessary comfort and habitability.

The external cladding of this prefab dwelling comprises a series of panels made form chipboard and grey-coloured concrete aggregate that form a ventilated façade with 12-cm thermal insulation throughout its shell. The structure is made from solid wood produced by numerical control and the treatment of the interior space is based on white-tinted Spanish fir wood panels. The following details should finally be pointed out: manufacturing time is six to eight weeks and assembly time one day. Other simpler series can be added to this series’ model, designed according to the needs of each case, to achieve larger surfaces that increase the project’s versatility.

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Localización Location: Madrid. Spain. Autores Authors: Abaton arquitectura y promociones. Fotografía Photography: Juan Baraja.