Family houses

Sa Pobla, Mallorca

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Irene Pérez y Jaume Mayol, arquitectos

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This sensitive exercise of architecture in the landscape, in addition to proposing a place that transcends current fashion, propounds a different way of joining together and connecting interior and exterior in a skilful work of floor plan modulation.

Inside a rustic plot with a surface of around 5000m2 there were remains of a thick-walled, irregular stone enclosure, with a knocked-down roof and a ground plan surface of 12x4 metres. One of the facades was formed from Marés stone and therefore more fragile and thinner than usual, which concentrated all the openings and irregularities of the ensemble.

The strategy followed by this project is based on the determination to undertake two main operations; the first one consisted of enlarging this enclosure to achieve approximately square proportions and the second one of the possibility of delimiting a covered, habitable space inside the enclosure.

Dividing the enclosure into nine square modules, or nine rooms of around 4x4 m, the dwelling accommodates into what could be defined as a cross shape, with four open courtyards on the four corners resulting from the emptying of the cross. The different functions inherent to a residential space occupy the various wings of the cross, and thus the dwelling is capable of embracing some portions of the outdoor space.

This skilful strategy enables each one of the functions to split into two rooms, an interior and an exterior one. In this way, for example, it is possible to cook indoors or in one of the outdoor courtyards, or eat indoors or have supper under the stars or, finally, sleep in the interior room or enjoy a nap in a hammock under the shade of a tree in the courtyard. Perhaps this is why the authors of this project believe that architectures capable of absorbing the passage of time are closer to those that inhabit them. This combination of indoor and outdoor spaces enclosed within a single container ultimately wring every possibility out of the intermediate space, the one offering the greatest degree of convenience.

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Localización Location: Sa Pobla. Mallorca. Spain. Promotor Promotor: Lluís Biel Bauzà y Eulàlia Cladera. Arquitectos Architects: Irene Pérez y Jaume Mayol(TEd’A arquitectes). Aparejador Technical Architec: Jose Linares. Fecha del proyecto Project Date: 2010. Fecha de la obra Completion: 2011-2012. Superficie Area: 99 m2. Fotografía Photography: TEd’A arquitectes.