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La Pobla de Cèrvoles, en Lleida

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Basic House in La Pobla de Cèrvoles

Carles Puig y Maria Antònia Mir, arquitectos

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Austerity and capacity to adapt to the setting are two forms of architectural approximation to the formalisation of the project that, when they coincide as occurs with this house, can attain excellent results.

Situated in the locality of La Pobla de Cèrvoles, in Lleida, on a plot next to a rocky outcrop near an almond tree plantation and standing on an old tank in disuse, this project for a family house was developed by its authors with the purpose of minimising the footprint of its construction, succeeding in connecting its volume with its immediate surroundings and meeting very austere budget requirements.

Placed in a slightly raised position above the tank and transversally to it, the house is transformed into a prism of longitudinal characteristics situated between the almond trees like a bridge in order to show maximum respect for the pre-existence.

The single-storey dwelling is organised in a way that two strips comprised of served and server spaces longitudinally divide the prism, thus meeting the opposite orientations of its two main facades.

The served space, comprised of the dwelling’s suite of habitable rooms, becomes a polyvalent space that can offer a multitude of uses and relations as well facilitate the observation and assimilation of the dimension and shape of the plot in its perpendicular development to the old tank.

The austere budget conditions have favoured a basic, silent atmosphere in which the application of a transparent varnish on its interior enclosures allows the plaster walls, wood and concrete floor to be left exposed.

The façade coated in render based on earthy pigments, together with the finish of the joinery, give the last touches to this dwelling that seeks to become a new natural element situated above a cistern, surrounded by almond trees next to a rocky outcrop.

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Situación Site: La Pobla de Cèrvoles, Lleida. Spain. Autores Authors: Carles Puig, arquitecto y Maria Antònia Mir, diseñadora de interiores. Colaboradores Collaborators: Redacción Proyecto: Gonzalo Martínez-Hormaza, arquitecto. Guillem Gonzalez / Teresa Celda, arquitectos y cálculo de Estructura. Dirección de obra: Felip Solsona - Marga Bernadó, aparejadores. Constructora Contractor: Igleper. Proyecto y construcción Project date and completion: 2011-2012. Sup. Construída Built area:156 m2. Ratio eur/m2: 845 eur/m2. Fotografía Photography: Jordi Bernadó.
Carles Puig
Mir, Maria Antònia
Jordi Bernadó