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Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Girona

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“Bitten” House

Arnau Vergés y Tejero, arquitecto

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“Bitten” House in SantFeliu de Pallerols, Girona. ArnauVergés yTejero, architect

Something of an artistic discipline more to do with sculpture than with architecture makes its appearance in this house in which the sculptural-architectural emptying exercise is used as a project strategy.

On the bank of a river, in the depths of a valley opening on to distant cliffs, this simple house reveals itself to be closed like a box that guards small treasures: the early morning sun, the view of the village church tower on the other side of the river, the precipitous cliffs in the distance, the maze of timber of the riverside forest…

In this setting, the architect has designed a reinforced concrete cube that observes the landscape, seeks out the sunlight or connects with the garden with as few gestures as possible yet with maximum forcefulness. Four bites taken out of four opposing corners address the dwelling’s relations with the exterior.

The breaks or hollowing out of corners on the ground floor lead to two large porches that extend the living-dining room-kitchen towards the garden in the south corner and access and vehicle parking space in the north corner. On the first floor, the breaks generate two terraces leading out of the bedrooms while bringing natural light into the innermost spaces of the ground floor through its skylights.

There is something of Jorge Oteiza or even of Eduardo Chillidain the way the volumetry of the basic prism has been manipulated. Its roughness and skin texture, typical of concrete, protects an interior space of comfortable characteristics in which a subtle play of perforations frames the most characteristic features of a natural environment of high landscape value.

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Localización Location: c/Josep Colomer, Sant Feliu de Pallerols (Girona). Spain. Autor Author: Arnau Vergés i Tejero, arquitecto. Estudio: Arnau Estudi d’Arquitectura. Colaboradores Collaborators: Josep Maria Codinach Frigola, ingeniero de edificación, Xevi Bayona Camó, arquitecto. Promotor Promotor: Joan Jordana y Núria Serra. Constructor Contractor: Cros Encofrats. Periodo ejecución Completion: 14/03/2011– 14/09/2012. Fotografía Photography: Marc Torra.
Suppliers list
Carpintería exterior: Mobles Joan Prat
Carpintería interior: Fusteria planella
Cerramientos exteriores: E. Plantalech, S.L.